Using Water Features to Transform Your Home

It’s no secret that water has long been revered for its healing abilities. From hydrating the body to bringing plants and gardens back to life, water is synonymous with vitality. Additionally, according to the Chinese study of Feng Shui, flowing water attracts wealth. 

If you’re looking to bring instant ambiance to your property, a water feature is an eye-catching yet calming accessory that fosters relaxation and tranquility. Depending on the size of your property and your personal preference, you may have multiple options. But regardless of whether you allow your water feature to take center stage or complement a corner of your yard, the aesthetic appeal is undeniable.  

Before you install a water feature, consider your options and the maintenance each will require. 


Finding serenity in the form of a fountain

Installing a fountain is one of the easiest ways to add a water feature to your property. Within this category, you can select something simple and elegant or truly make a statement with a substantial structure. With whichever you choose, water will collect in a basin and then get recirculated back to the top via a pump, making it a relatively economical option. 

Whether you include it as a welcoming addition to your walkway or place it beside a backyard patio, enjoy the sound of flowing water without extensive or expensive maintenance. Depending on your climate and other conditions, such as overhanging trees, you’ll need to check your pump regularly and remove leaves and other debris. If you have hard water, you may begin to notice white residue, or calcium build-up, which you can eliminate with white vinegar.


Revel in the pleasures of nature with a pond

Installing a pond can range from a do-it-yourself weekend project to a more labor-intensive addition best left to a professional. A pond brings unique appeal and interest to the property. You can choose to let your pond stand empty or invite colorful fish to share your backyard by adding a koi pond. Not only are koi stunning to look at, they’re plants-eaters, which means you can and should include non-toxic greens such as water lilies, which further enhance the look of your landscape.

While koi are hardy fish that can survive in water temperatures as low as 32 degrees Fahrenheit, you will need to clean the pond at least quarterly, typically when the seasons change. Before you begin, check with your town for any zoning ordinances that may prohibit size or depth.


Cool down with a pool

While you may long to enjoy the restorative and rejuvenating benefits of a backyard pool, installing this oasis can be a large undertaking. According to experts, construction time for a pool ranges between three and four months. You can, however, design it to your specifications and savor this feature for years to come .

Adding crystalline blue water is a stunning way to break up the green of your landscape. Include a waterfall or side fountain and enjoy the sound of moving water without swimming a lap. With this amenity as well, you’ll need to check your city or town’s zoning ordinances before moving forward. Keeping your pool clean requires ongoing maintenance, so consider the cost and commitment before breaking ground. 

Installing a water feature provides an attractive focal point that appeals to the senses. Decide which is right for your property and then sit back and appreciate this essential element as it elevates your landscape.