Maxavenue Realtor Offers Unique and Valuable Skill Set

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As the son of a successful broker, I was fortunate to gain early exposure into the world of real estate. But there’s more to the story—my unique background offers unparalleled value for my clients, and has resulted in a distinctive honor from the online real estate company Zillow. 

After working with my father at his real estate firm as a teenager and throughout college, I graduated with a degree in accounting and enjoyed a rewarding career of more than 20 years  in finance and banking. Eventually, the pull of my real estate roots became too strong to resist and I re-entered the field, this time with valuable experience in financial due diligence and investment analysis that makes me stand out in a crowded field of agents. 

My knowledge from both the accounting and finance industries has direct application in the real estate world. From accurately pricing a property based on up-to-the-minute market data to negotiating a contract with terms that best suit my client’s needs, I deliver maximum value.


A Zillow Honor

I’ve always been dedicated to serving my clients. Empowered with Maxavenue’s consumer-centric value propositions as the industry’s leading champion for buyers and sellers, I’ve recently been awarded “Best of Zillow” status! This elite status is a mark of honor and distinction, as recognition of the exceptional service I provide to my clients.

As a Zillow Premier Agent, I can connect more directly and quickly with buyers on the Zillow platform. The Best of Zillow status signals that my connections have rated me among the top 10% of Zillow’s Premier Agents. 


Clients Come First

Honors aside, what’s truly important to me is taking care of my clients. I have called Steiner Ranch my home for the last 15 years and developed a specialty in this incredible, family-friendly neighborhood. I am also well connected to all of Central Texas and take great pride in helping my clients buy or sell in communities throughout the area.

Nothing is more satisfying to me than helping a family find their dream home at a price and location they desire. How many real estate agents do you know who are former CPAs, with years of experience in finance? This experience, backed by the strength of Maxavenue’s Team of Experts in market analysis and property marketing, sets me apart and enables me to be a better advocate for my clients. I look forward to learning how I can help you make your real estate dreams come true.

Robby Roberts
(512) 638-2020