Bracing for a Storm

Because your home is one of your largest investments, protecting it from natural disasters should be a top priority. If your home is well-fortified, chances are your family will be better protected. Let’s look at a few things you can do now to be ready ahead of a storm.


While many people insure their home for its current value, the cost to rebuild may exceed that figure. Because labor and materials costs are on the rise, be sure you have enough coverage should disaster strike. Do you have flood insurance? If not, you may want to add it.


Take a good look at your roof and make sure all the shingles or tiles are secured and that none are cracked or missing. While you’re outdoors, inspect your gutters and check the seals around all windows and doors. If there are any gaps, caulk them to prevent water damage during a storm. Lawn furniture, grills, and even toys can become projectiles in the event of high winds, so lock up anything that has the potential to hit your or your neighbors’ homes.


Depending on the severity of the storm, you may lose power. In some cases, you might be without it for days. Having a generator on hand that’s built to handle the electrical demands of your entire home can keep you and your family comfortable. But you’ll need gasoline to operate so be sure to secure that as well. If you don’t have a generator, candles, flashlights, and batteries are a must. Stock up on food that doesn’t require cooking or refrigeration in case you can’t make it to the grocery store for a while.


Practice leaving the home in a hurry and be sure all pathways to exits are clear. You will want to know where important documents, such as your birth certificate, passport, prescription medication, and insurance cards, are should you need to evacuate quickly.

Although no one enjoys riding out a storm, having the right precautions in place can make it less stressful.