The Oasis: An Austin Lakeside Classic with Tasty Food and Spectacular Sunset Views

The Oasis is a fun family restaurant that offers diners Tex-Mex classics, tasty Margaritas and more, but the biggest draw is its one-of-a-kind, breathtaking view from high on a bluff 450 feet above Lake Travis.

The bright, spacious restaurant’s most popular feature is its many terraced balconies with lake vistas and startlingly beautiful sunset views. In the evening, as the sun sets opposite the lake, the experience is unforgettable. The restaurant bills itself as the largest outdoor restaurant in Texas, and there’s not a seat in the house without a view. The atmosphere is lively and warm, and it is a great restaurant for any occasion.

An Austin Icon

The Oasis is in northwest Austin overlooking Lake Travis. In 1982, an entrepreneur named Beau Theriot purchased a 500-acre ranch overlooking the lake and built the Oasis. Since its founding, The Oasis has become one of the most iconic restaurants in Austin and a place you just have to take guests from out of town.

In 2005, The Oasis was struck by lightning, and fire damaged most of the restaurant. But the place came back with even more terraces and balconies and even more seats with a ringside seat for the most dramatic view of Lake Travis.

Classic Tex-Mex and Open to Bookings

You don’t really go to the Oasis only for the food, but the kitchen creates a full menu of tasty dishes. Diners enjoy decadent Grilled Shrimp Diablo — colossal shrimp stuffed with slivered jalapeños and wrapped in smoky bacon. It is served in a sweet chile sauce with rice. The plate packs a memorable and flavorful punch. There is also a full cocktail, wine and dessert menu to round off the delicious meal.

The Oasis also hosts private events for celebrations and businesses. With its romantic sunset vistas, The Oasis is a popular spot for weddings and receptions. The Oasis also offers a catering service, making it a fantastic choice for large corporate events or private gatherings.

Buzzing with Activity

The Oasis’ happy hour is legendary, and regular events such as Wine Wednesdays (all wine selections are half-off) are building weeknight traffic. The restaurant also hosts a sunset photo contest, inviting its patrons to submit the best lakeside sunset pictures for a substantial cash prize.

Always a lively and vibrant place, live music and book signings are occasionally hosted at The Oasis. An unmatched view of Lake Travis, good food, a full bar and events happening every week make the Oasis attractive, not only for out-of-towners, but for Austinites from all over town.