The LBJ Library: A Historic Gem on Campus

When Robert A. Caro writes a 1,200-page book about 12 years of your life, you’ve done something pretty special.

But, to think that Caro’s book, “Master of the Senate,” doesn’t even tread deeply into Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency — he has other books that delve into that — is quite remarkable. That’s fitting because LBJ was quite remarkable.

And, here in Austin, we have easy-access to the insanely-detailed archives of the 36th President of the United States at the Lyndon Baines Johnson Presidential Library and Museum on the campus of the University of Texas.

Here, nearly every day of the year, you can listen to LBJ’s recorded phone calls, dig through his mail and investigate the tiniest of details behind some of our nation’s most historic events.

Even from afar, the LBJ Presidential Library provides a sense of power and importance. It’s a 10-story monolithic building with massive and thick walls.

Entering, you are immediately impressed with the overwhelming depth of the library’s archives, represented by four floors of red-boxed archives. The museum features a slightly-smaller-than-real-life Oval Office. It is also packed with gifts from around the globe that the Johnsons donated to the museum.

The museum even has the clothing worn by the President and First Lady during the 1964 inauguration and the desk used for the signing of the historic 1965 Voting Rights Act that sought to eliminate racial discrimination in voting.

Coming Soon at the LBJ Library

Admission for adults is $8, but the library has a few days set aside each year when patrons can get in for free. One of those freebies is on Monday, Feb. 16, in honor of Presidents Day.

Meanwhile, the museum has a consistent flow of speakers and presentations from around the globe.

On Feb. 25, the museum will host David Axelrod, one of the nation’s top political consultants who worked closely with former President Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama on the campaign trail and in the White House.

Learn about how to get tickets and more information here.