Summit Attorney Shares Love for Lacrosse and Volunteering With Community

Summit resident Harry Ko, a managing partner at The Ko Law Firm, loves working in the city he calls home. Establishing his practice, which specializes in trust and estate planning as well as commercial and residential real estate, at 480 Morris Avenue, in the heart of the thriving downtown, has made life incredibly convenient for the father of three.

An avid lacrosse player, Ko devotes much of his free time to volunteering to coach the sport he’s played throughout his life.

I believe Harry is such a valuable asset to the Summit community because of his tireless dedication to giving back and his desire to offer the area’s youth a positive experience on and off the field.

“I think it’s very important that wherever you work and live you become involved in the community,” says Ko, who currently coaches his children’s 4th and 7th grade lacrosse teams. “Summit is a great town and without that daunting commute to and from New York City, I’m very lucky to have the opportunity to leave my office and go straight to my kids’ activities. It’s nice and I hope to always coach whenever I can.”

Committed to Giving Back

Ko’s ties to the area and coaching run deep. The attorney, who was raised in Kinnelon with a lacrosse stick in his hand, received his undergraduate degree from Drew University before attending Seton Hall Law School. Skilled in the art of multi-tasking, Ko returned to Madison while earning his law degree to serve as the high school’s head lacrosse coach.

Giving back has always been important to Ko, who began volunteering with ARC/ Morris County, an organization that provides services to developmentally challenged adults, after finishing law school. Putting his legal and athletic knowledge to good use, Ko served on a committee focused on adaptive recreation. Currently, he heads the non-profit’s Unity Club and serves as a mentor for the disabled, encouraging self-advocacy and discussing and explaining individual’s rights.

“It’s a nice way to help out and also a way to realize that some people are facing bigger problems than anything you think you’re dealing with,” Ko says. “It gives you a lot of perspective.”

Instilling a Sense of Gratitude

Leading by example is just one of the many traits I find so admirable about Harry. I’m not the only one. His son is also involved in volunteering for ARC and Harry says the experience has been really “eye-opening” for the boy.

“It’s a good opportunity to realize that there are people who have more pressing issues than if your Xbox isn’t working,” says the dad, who adds that instilling a sense of gratitude in today’s youth is all too often the “missing component.”

A strong work ethic and an appreciation for the many opportunities offered within affluent areas like Summit are values Ko strives to instill in his children and those he coaches.

I feel fortunate to know, and work with, resident business owners like Harry Ko who are willing to give of their time and talent to help those around them and future generations succeed and benefit from their wisdom and expertise.

Jason Forster
Realtor, Broker
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