First Time Home Buyer Buys Dream Home from 2,000 Miles Away

The 2018 holiday season saw some pretty big life changes for Hisham Elzayat and his family.

“We’d lived in the Boston, Massachusetts area for years, and loved the culture, but lately had been thinking about moving somewhere else,” says Hisham. “My daughters love outdoor sports and activities, and the Boston weather really only allowed them to enjoy them 3 months out of the year. Since my job doesn’t restrict me geographically, we thought why not find a city with great culture and education, but in a warmer climate?”

That city, of course, turned out to be Austin, Texas. Since he was still in Boston, Hisham researched properties and realtors online, and reached out to Maxavenue Agents Maureen and Vince Farelli after getting a referral from a local lender.

“I liked Maureen immediately,” says Hisham. “I had interviewed a few agents before her, and wasn’t that impressed. Maureen made me feel like I was an old friend – not just some customer to be sold a home.”

And as a first-time home buyer, that personal touch was very important. “We’d rented our entire lives, so purchasing a home was going to be like rocket science to me,” laughs Hisham. “Maureen and Vince’s manner and communication style put me at ease.”


Hisham Elzayat and his family’s new home in Round Rock

Hisham shared what he was looking for and Maureen and Vince used their local market expertise to narrow the neighborhood choices down to the perfect location. “Schools were very important to him,” says Maureen. “I did extensive research and created a spreadsheet comparing and highlighting the neighborhoods that had the consistently best-rated elementary, middle and high schools. For Hisham, that was a very valuable tool – and it helped us zero in very quickly on a neighborhood.”

After identifying the target area, Hisham flew out to view properties with Vince and Maureen. Through their conversations, Maureen learned that one of his daughters was an avid swimmer, so Maureen suggested a home that was close to a renowned swimming facility. Vince, meanwhile, pointed out features of each home they looked at, as well as items that needed to be repaired and improved.

“Maureen and Vince were a great team and incredibly helpful,” says Hisham. “They made the home search an extremely efficient process, which as a physician by training, I appreciate.”


Maureen and Vince Farelli

The Farelli’s efficiency didn’t stop at the home search: their knowledge combined with Maxavenue’s systems helped them find Hisham the right home, in the right location and for the right price – all at maximum speed. From the initial phone call to close, it took just 30 days to find him his new home!

“They walked me through every step and made sure the negotiating and closing process went smoothly,” says Hisham. “I felt like they were extremely honest, which is important for me as a first-time buyer. I felt like I could trust them completely.”

Maureen says that’s all part of being a Maxavenue agent. “Like with all of our clients, we wanted to provide Hisham with unparalleled service. We did whatever we could to make this easy for him – from providing him with constant updates, being there for the inspection, going to the closing, to hiring a cleaning crew to make sure the house sparkled before they got there with the movers – we wanted him to feel happy with his total experience.”

All of their hard work paid off. “I was very intimidated in the beginning of this process, but Vince and Maureen really made me feel at ease,” says Hisham. “We are very happy in our new home, in our new life, and the Farelli’s were instrumental in making that happen. We will definitely use them in the future and recommend them to anyone who needs a professional to help them find a home.”

Maureen Farelli
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