Maxavenue Agents Find Clients Hidden Gem House Not on the Market AND Sell Old Home for a $60k Profit

Imagine this scenario: you know exactly what you’d like in your dream home, you’re ready to sell your current home and begin your life in a new spot only to find that either the housing inventory is scarce or the homes on the market don’t come close to your ideal feature list. What do you do?

In their 30 combined years in real estate, Maxavenue agents Vince and Maureen Farelli have helped countless buyers in this situation, and their resourcefulness, local area knowledge and professionalism have not only delivered buyers to their perfect homes – they’ve also helped them sell their existing homes for top dollar.

First: Find the Perfect Home – Even if it’s Not for Sale

Take for example the South Austin couple that was looking to downsize from their current home and find a one-story home in an active community with a golf course. In fact – the couple wanted to be on the golf course if possible.

“The husband and I were actually playing on the course at Onion Creek while we were discussing his dream house – the ideal location to conduct real estate business!” laughs Vince. “I told him I had a place in mind for him right there in Onion Creek, but we had to do our homework first.”

The property in question had appeared to be vacant for a while but wasn’t currently on the market. From all outward appearances, it seemed like it would be a perfect fit, so Vince and Maureen went to work on finding the owner.

“After a few dead ends, I finally tracked the owner down through her daughter,” says Maureen. “She had moved into a retirement home and the house had stayed empty after an initial sale attempt had fallen through. We asked if they were still open to selling and they said yes.”

It wasn’t long after this first contact that Maureen and Vince showed their clients the home – who absolutely loved it! It checked virtually every box for them – right down to the fabulous location on the first hole of Onion Creek’s celebrated golf course.

“They had all but given up hope that they would be able to find their perfect home,” says Maureen. “Not only did we find what they were looking for, we were able to negotiate a really great price for them.”

Next: Prepare the Existing Home to Sell for Top Dollar

The next step was to prepare their current home to put on the market. Since they had already purchased a new home, the couple wanted to sell their existing home for the most money in the shortest amount of time – a Maxavenue and Vince and Maureen specialty.

“We worked with them to determine which areas of the house to update to make the greatest impact and to attract the persona willing to pay top dollar for the home,” says Vince. “We put a lot of focus into the kitchen – new granite counters, new backsplash, new appliances, repainted cabinets – everything you need to make a kitchen shine. It looked like a completely new remodel!”

And Vince and Maureen were happy to lend a hand right down to even the smallest details.

“We helped them pick out tile, carpet, paint colors, cabinet hinges – you name it,” says Maureen. “Everything was chosen based on the Maxavenue buyer persona which is like a blueprint for appealing to the ideal target audience in the current market.”

The Results: A Win-win for All

After all of their hard work, the sellers and the Farelli’s were confident they were ready to go to market. The home, which probably would have gone for $350k – $375k pre-improvements, ended up selling quickly for $445K!

“Our clients were beyond thrilled with the results,” says Vince. “Not only did they find the home they had always wanted, with only a minor investment they were able to sell their old home for a huge profit.”

“When you combine good old fashioned detective work with a proven, repeatable system like the Maximum Value Home Selling System, you have a formula for success,” says Maureen. “But at the end of the day, our true success comes from satisfied clients – we’re happy when they’re happy. It’s why we do what we do.”

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