May 2020: Real Estate News Roundup

Roundup of Recent Real Estate News

Housing Market Reports from Around the Country

Over the past two weeks, several states have begun the highly controversial process of loosening stay-at-home orders and restrictions put in place to combat the spread of the deadly novel coronavirus. In the coming days and weeks, many more states, counties, and cities will follow examples set by states such as Georgia, Texas and Colorado as lockdowns expire at the end of April or in early May.

The impact of these changes won’t be felt just by the small-business owners who choose to reopen and the customers who begin resuming their lives in this new normal. The easing of these restrictions will also be felt by the housing markets in these places. But how quickly—and strongly—will they rebound from their period of deep freeze?


Home Builders Report Uptick in New Construction Sales

For the first four weeks of the national shutdown, sales of new homes fell 85% from normal spring activity. In the past few weeks, however, the numbers have started to climb


Macro-Economic and Housing Industry Analysis (Austin is #1)

Presented by Meyers Research, “The weekly COVID-19 webinar provides real information about how this crisis is actually impacting our industry in real-time.”

SPOILER ALERT: Be sure to listen at 14:00 for a breakdown on research and analysis showing the Austin MSA as the #1 best housing market to thrive in the post-COVID-19 economy.


COVID-19 Impact on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Appraisals

Appraisals continue to adapt to COVID-19 conditions with virtual walk-throughs while mortgage giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are in some cases skipping appraisals altogether.


Travis Central Appraisal District Update

Before the coronavirus pandemic arrived in Austin, the Travis Central Appraisal District was preparing for its busy spring season, when appraisal notices are mailed and protests filed. Here’s an update.

Maxavenue Staff