June 2020: Real Estate News Roundup

Roundup of Recent Real Estate News

Market Conditions and Price Appreciation Forecasts

Real estate list prices are forecasted to rise for the rest of 2020. Here’s the details

Home prices nationwide increased year over year by 5.4% in April 2020 compared with April 2019. Check out the latest report

Here’s an interesting article on why some real estate markets around the country have appreciated more than others…


52% of Builders Used Incentives to Bolster Sales in May 2020. Here’s the details

Small-house senior living is well-suited to handle disruptions of the COVID-19 era but the industry will need to overcome obstacles regarding the way these communities are developed, financed and licensed…


Notable News

Austin is now No. 1 in the U.S. for solar power available per person, according to new data from the Environment Texas Policy and Research Center

Two Austin buildings won a prestigious award from the American Institute of Architects: Austin Central Library & an H-E-B office building won the Top Ten Awards program. Only New York City had 2 COTE-winning projects this year!