Relocating to Austin? Here is how to Find Your Ideal Austin Area Neighborhood

There’s a bit of art and science in picking a neighborhood when relocating to in a new city.

Price points push us one way. Ideals lead us another way. We Google everything. There are school districts, safety, proximity to work and a pileup of other considerations.

Relocations are tough, how can you narrow it down?

Start with priorities. the real estate experts at Maxavenue drew up 12 criteria that can help newcomers weigh all of the important factors, when relocating to Austin.

Young families, for example, often put the quality of school districts near the top of their priority list. This website lets you search for a home within a specific school district. Just click “School Districts” in the menu that drops down from the “Property Search” tab near the top left of the screen.

For example, Lake Travis ISD consistently ranks among the best in the Austin area. If that fits with the rest of your criteria, you could click the “School Districts” tab and select the Lake Travis district. Once it is highlighted, click “Search.” Currently, that yields 591 possible properties.

Yikes. That’s a lot of options.

But, chances are, your relocation has a price limit. Simply scroll the “Price Range” slider tool in the upper left area of the screen. Then, adjust for other criteria, such as how many bedrooms you want.

In this example, we’ll try to find homes for less than $400,000 with a minimum of 3 bedrooms. Click “Search,” and your list of possible properties narrows to 11 — a list you could easily explore.

Now, maybe you have a few special requests that you’re hoping to fulfill in your relocation to Austin. Have an affinity for fireplaces and built-in bookcases? Use the “Advance Search” link to the left of the map on your search screen. Scroll down and select “Fireplaces” and “Built-in Bookcases” under the “Interior Features” tab.

Now we have 13 properties that are under $400,000 that are inside the high-quality Lake Travis school district and have at least three bedrooms, a fireplace and a built-in bookcase.

Explore Austin Neighborhoods From the Comfort of Your Home

Just because the school district and home features match up doesn’t mean it’s the perfect neighborhood for your relocation, however. You still may not know what the character of the neighborhood is like or what shopping and dining options are nearby for you day-to-day needs.

Sometimes when you are relocating, you don’t have time to visit and explore it first-hand, the next best thing is some expert insight. Once you select a potential new home, look to the lower right of your screen for the “WalkScore” to see what you might be able to reach on a leisurely stroll.

Most neighborhoods also have their own page on that includes a detailed description of the area and its amenities, including parks, theaters, grocery stores and more.

Oak Hill, for example, is a neighborhood about 15 minutes south of downtown Austin. Here you can view the neighborhood’s history, parks description and a few short discussions with locals who have lived in the area for years. And, just below the photo at the top of the screen, you’ll find links to dozens of high-quality photographs and videos to give you an even better sense of the neighborhood.

Another option, if you know you already have your heart set on some particular amenities, is to search for specific types of property — wherever they may be in the Austin area. Look for “Lifestyle Property Search” under the “Property Search” tab at the top of the screen. You’ll find, for example, properties that back up to the city’s lush Greenbelt system of trails and conservation areas.

Lastly, consider talking to a Maxavenue Relocation specialist who can assist you with your relocation to the greater Austin area.