Real Estate Expertise Prevents An At Home Electrical Disaster

Not too long ago we built a pool in our backyard and there was no shortage of activity in the lawn during construction. One day, where it was calm and quiet inside, I heard an unusual clicking sound next to me as I was working at my computer. I turned my head and saw the electrical outlet on the adjacent wall was glowing orange. I took a closer look and my instincts took over. I dashed outside to tell the pool construction workers to stop using their high-powered saw as it was obvious to me the outdoor plug and my office plug were on the same circuit and it was overheating. The noise from their saw was so intensely loud they couldn’t hear me shouting at the top of my lungs. Without blinking, I ran and opened the electrical panel to shut down the power to the whole house with the satisfying flick of one switch.

 Next was the call to my electrician. When I described what happened and told him there was a fish-like smell coming from the outlet I heard him gasp. A fishy smell is an indicator your wires are melting! Within a few hours the source of the problem was discovered, and everything was corrected to be better than before. I’m grateful I was at home to notice and act quickly and decisively.


Important Safety Tips

For those of you who don’t know how to manipulate your electrical breakers in emergency situations, I recommend you take the time to learn. 

1. Find out where your electrical panels are.
2. Learn what each panel controls.
3. Determine how to turn power off to your whole house when there’s no time to search out individual breakers.

With fire safety in mind, it’s important to check all your fire safety equipment so it’s ready when you need it the most—this includes smoke detectors, batteries and fire extinguishers. Remember, as odd as it may sound, electrical outlets that smell like fish could be an indicator you need to turn off the power and get an electrician on the scene.


The Need for Expert Professional Representation

As a real estate professional, my experience in knowing how houses are built and operate made it easy for me to diagnose and stop the problem quickly and effectively before it became a more dangerous threat. 

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation with me to ask any questions related to Home Safety and Preventative Maintenance. I am here to share my knowledge to support and enhance your homeownership experience.

Maxavenue Staff