Plum Creek’s 15th Annual Front Porch Days is a’coming!

The 15th Annual Front Porch Days is right around the corner.  I’ve lived in Plum Creek since 2002 and it’s still hard to believe that it’s been almost 15 years. The years have flown and Plum Creek has come of age so to speak.

The Plum Creek Front Porch Days celebrate what makes Plum Creek unique. All those front porches we have where people will actually still sit out on the porch swings or rockers in the evenings and watch the kids play on the sidewalks. It isn’t all that different than when I was growing up in Ohio.

Anyway, back to the Festival. The Front Porch Days kick off bright and early Saturday May 14th. The first activity is a 3K, 5K 10K and a kids 1K. Even if you don’t participate, it’s fun to watch the little kids run the neighborhood course. That’s followed by a garden tour around the community. (Some of the folks really do have green thumbs. Unfortunately I’m not one of them.) After the garden tour is a 4-person Golf Scramble at the Plum Creek Golf Course.

But it doesn’t stop there! I think the best part is on Sunday when people flock to the park. You’ll see strollers everywhere as the families make their way over to the pool/park area off Fairway. Don’t know where that is? Follow the music and laughter or one of the many families taking their strollers.

Sunday’s activities run from noon to 3. Be sure to bring the kids (or not) and join the fun. There will be all kinds of vendors and booths, face painting, Jigglebug Express, Petting zoo, Pie baking contests, pony rides, live music, food…wow I’m out of breath. Trust me there’s more on the list but don’t read about it…Join us! I’ promise there will be a little something for everyone.

In case I didn’t mention it, the Plum Creek Porch Days isn’t just for Plum Creek residents. The Porch Days are hosted by the Plum Creek’s HOA and they do it to thank the Plum Creek Residents and the surrounding community for their continued support. It’s a neighborly thing to do…that’s so Plum Creek! Hope to see you there!

Maxavenue Staff