Outfitting the Perfect Guest Room

Making guests feel at home in your home takes a bit of preparation but, ultimately, your effort can create a memorable experience for your visitors. Additionally, having everything ready and in place before your guests arrive removes a lot of the pressure on hosts. 

Take a look at some of the items and thoughtful touches your visitors will appreciate.

Bed and bath: Fresh bed linens and a full supply of luxurious towels shows guests you want them to feel pampered. A well-made bed with plenty of pillows creates a restful space where visitors can rejuvenate. Extra throw blankets add a cozy vibe, especially if there’s a chill in the air or you prefer to keep your home on the cooler side. 

Closet and drawer space: Whether guests are staying for one night or one week, they’ll need space for their belongings. A folding luggage rack offers visitors a way to pack and unpack their items without bending over or crouching on the floor. Offering a chest of drawers and space within the closet allows friends and family to spread out and keep their clothing organized and wrinkle-free. 

Keys, codes, and cable: If guests will be coming and going on their own, make sure they have a set of keys. If they need to use more than one, color code them for ease of use. If your home has an alarm system, be sure your visitors know the code and procedure. Additionally, leave out a card or note that includes your wifi password in case guests bring laptops or tablets and wish to use them. Similarly, if your guest room includes a television, either show your visitors how to use your remotes or keep a sheet of instructions handy so they don’t feel as if they’re bothering their hosts.

Refreshments: Leaving several bottles of water in the guest room spares visitors the inconvenience of roaming the house at all hours to quench their thirst. A bowl of apples provides a healthy snack and adds a nice, decorative touch.

Reading material: Guests may wish to enjoy a little downtime on their own. Having access to books, magazines, and even guides to the area’s local history is a great way for them to unwind in the room while hosts have a moment to themselves. 

Creating a comfortable space for guests takes a bit of prep, but when it comes to making friends and family feel at home, it’s always worth the effort.