Mozart’s Coffeehouse: A Lakeside Haven

One of Austin’s most iconic coffeehouses, Mozart’s Coffee is the perfect place to sip a cup of coffee while enjoying the spectacular lakeside scenery. Mozart’s offers interiors with beautiful wood flooring and large windows that give a wonderful view of the lake and the surrounding cliffs, creating a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. During the daytime customers can sit outside on the wooden decks under the shade of majestic oak trees and enjoy the cool lake breeze. At night, the lights in the trees are lit. The warm, subtle glow and the flickering reflection from the lake create a casual and romantic atmosphere.

The Perfect Location

Mozart’s is located on Lake Austin Boulevard in Southwest Austin, where it shares the shores of Lake Austin with other iconic Austin lakeside establishments like Hula Hut and Oasis. Mozart’s was originally a small bookstore and an occasional hangout for the many boat mechanics that operated by the lake. In 1993, the building was christened Mozart’s Coffeehouse, and the rest is history.

Quality Coffee and Home-Baked Desserts

Mozart’s Coffee is considered one of the best coffee roasters in Austin. They roast their coffee beans on the premises to ensure that patrons enjoy the highest degree of freshness, flavor, and quality. The baristas are highly knowledgeable and can recommend a roast for any palate or occasion. Mozart’s famous desserts are made fresh daily. The dessert menu is massive, featuring a variety of cakes, muffins and tarts. The fruit tarts burst with fresh fruit and are generously drizzled with icing. Locals especially rave about Mozart’s cheesecakes, featuring classic flavors such as strawberry or blueberry and more exotic offerings, like the decadent M&Ms cheesecake with swirls of melted chocolate.

Live Music and Holiday Events

Local bands often play out by the patio on select weekdays. Besides live music, Mozart’s also offers plenty of theme days and calendar events. Around the Christmas holidays, patrons can enjoy a fantastic light show on the pier. (The coffeehouse is also famous for hosting some of the best Halloween costume parties over the years.)

With high quality coffee available anytime of the day, weekly musical events, and an incredible atmosphere, Mozart’s Coffeehouse is the perfect place to enjoy a great cup of coffee, Austin’s best desserts and a gorgeous lakeside view.