Move to Sun City and Live Life to the Fullest

Sun City has so much to offer. Consider two couples, one of which lives in Sun City, the other visiting. They make their way off the White Wing golf course toward Café on the Green, a delightful restaurant and lounge adjacent to the golf course. They begin to discuss their upcoming RV trip to Colorado — particularly how their round trip to Colorado Springs provides opportunity for a number of stops at several well-regarded golf courses along the way.

As retirees, the host couple is content with living in such a flourishing community as Sun City and would love to have their friends live there too. The woman explains to her friend that the activity center not only has art studios for her hobby of watercolor painting, but also a woodshop for her husband and a state-of-the-art fitness center and numerous social organizations for them both to pursue.

Meanwhile, the men discuss the possibility of either visiting the fishing lake or the billiards hall that afternoon, before their rendezvous with two other men at the 82-foot-long Veteran’s Memorial Wall and Plaza. After lunch, the residents share a wink in anticipation that their friends may move to Sun City in the near future!