The Key to a More Profitable and Stress Free Home Sale

Selling a home can often be a daunting process – especially when it comes to the final inspection. Good inspectors leave no stone unturned when it comes to the condition of the property, which could mean uncovering issues that cost you thousands during final negotiations – or even worse – discovering flaws so major they scare off the buyer and cost you the sale.

After being in the real estate business for many years, Maxavenue agents Vince and Maureen Farelli know the pitfalls of waiting until the inspection period to have the house thoroughly examined, and it’s why they are firm believers in getting a home pre-inspected before it hits the market.

“Where most deals fall apart is during the inspection and repair phase,” says Vince. “Either the sellers balk at the amount of money that’s requested to cover the repairs, or the buyers get spooked by the list of issues and decide to find a less complicated property. It can be a tremendous setback to have to start all over again with a new buyer.”

Negotiate from Strength

A pre-inspection allows the seller to discover early on any potential issues with the property. This enables the seller to make repairs or obtain reasonable bids on the items they don’t want to tackle – valuable information that helps the seller negotiate from a position of strength during final negotiations.

“Final negotiation repair allowances can sometimes be inflated 3 times or more – the buyer may feel they have you over a barrel,” says Vince. “By getting a pre-inspection and discovering the issues ahead of time – even if you don’t want to fix all of them – you can bring reasonable bids to the negotiating table and say ‘This is what we’re willing to give.’ This is valuable information – especially when most pre-inspection issues can be handled by a handyman.”

“Being prepared and solving issues as they arise is the key to maximizing price elasticity,” adds Maureen. “It’s important to be ready for whatever comes up.” 

The Value Added Real Estate Expert Difference

Vince and Maureen feel so strongly about the power of a pre-inspection that they purchase one for every listing client.

“Our clients are important to us,” says Maureen. “We want to get them the most money for their home, ensure they have a smooth selling experience and deliver value commensurate with the commission. By providing them with this invaluable step in the process, we’re showing we have skin in the game, too.”

Vince adds: “We’ve had clients tell us ‘You’re the first agent who’s ever done this for us!’ and it’s been such a game changer that they said they would never go back to a traditional agent.”

It’s this dedication to excellence, a willingness to go the extra mile and professional differentiation that has established Vince and Maureen as trusted real estate experts and turned clients into champions for life.

“A pre-inspection is just one of the ways that we strive to add value to our client relationship,” says Vince. “There are a lot of Realtors out there – we want to make sure you know you made the right choice in partnering with us and Maxavenue.”

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