Missing puppy? No need for 911. Neighbors to the rescue!

I was driving home this morning after taking my granddaughter to school. When I turned into Plum Creek I saw a few cars pulled over onto the side of the street. The drivers were out and I have to admit they were acting more than a little strange. It didn’t take long to figure out what all the fuss was about when the cutest little dog, and I mean little dog, dashed across the street causing a car coming the other direction to stop.

He, or she as it turned out, was making a beeline towards the busy street just outside the entrance. The women took off. They were working together trying to ‘help’ the little thing. Unfortunately the puppy didn’t seem to get the idea they were helping. That or she thought it was fun playing chase.

One of the women ran back to her car and pulled out what turned out to be her breakfast, a partially eaten Egg Mcmuffin. Turned out the puppy was a fan of the golden arches, but then again who isn’t? The food did the trick. The puppy must have decided food was better than freedom because when she caught on to the fact the woman was holding out food, she stopped running. She must have decided that the crazy ladies might not be so bad after all.

Within minutes the little thing was safely in a woman’s arms happily nibbling on the tiny pieces of sausage being offered, while another woman was on the cell phone calling the number on the collar.

It scary to think what might have happened to the little pup had these women not decided to get involved. I was on the receiving end of one of those calls several times over the years when one or the other of my two furry kids slipped out. I’m telling you there is no worse feeling than looking out your window and seeing the gate is wide open and you realize that your dog(s) is missing. (Same thing goes for kids but we’re talking dogs here).

It’s nice to know that even though the women didn’t recognize the dog, they could tell it was someone’s beloved pet and she wasn’t supposed to be running lose. They took the time to stop what they are doing in order to reunite the dog with her owner.

There are a lot of dog lovers in Plum Creek. Almost every night you’ll see folks walking their furry friends. There’s even a dog park so neighbors can sit and talk while the ‘kids’ get run off their energy.

The way I look at it…if the neighbors go to this much trouble for a little runaway dog, can you imagine what they’d do if there was a hurt or missing child? It’s another reason I love living in Plum Creek!

Maxavenue Staff