High Tech Home Gadgets

It wasn’t too long ago that televisions were the only thing In our homes that we could control with the touch of a button. Times have changed. Thanks to sophisticated technology, homeowners have the ability to monitor and adjust many aspects of their homes without even being present.

Let’s take a look at some of the products that may help your home – and your life – run more efficiently.


If you’ve got your hands full and don’t feel like hunting around for your house keys, you’ll appreciate the ease offered by a lock fitted with a simple keypad. The Schlage Camelot Keypad Entry with Rex-Lock is a bestselling keyless entry system featuring a keypad with digits zero to nine. Revered for Its exceptionally long battery life, the Rex-Lock option allows you to disable the automatic locking feature for convenience when you’re entertaining or busy in your yard and plan to dash in and out.


An open garage door leaves your valuables and your home exposed to potential intruders. To remove any temptation and ensure your peace of mind, Install a wireless garage door sensor which can alert you when your door is open by sending a message to your smartphone or tablet.


Even if you’re miles from home, with Nest’s smart doorbell you can see and talk to whomever is at your entryway at all times. With a built-in HO video camera, you can check your phone to see who’s there and you’ll never miss a visitor or package again.


From staying cool in the summer and warm in the winter, a smart thermostat will keep you comfortable while saving time and energy. The ENERGY STAR certified Nest Learning Thermostat programs itself and, in time, pays for Itself.


Having the ability to control the lights from anywhere in your home is a luxury that saves time, money, and energy. This Lutron kit, which comes with an in-wall dimmer as well as a remote, can also be voice-controlled as it works with Amazon Echo, Apple HomeKit, and the Google Assistant.

With the installation of automated window blinds, you can ensure your privacy while minimizing those ultraviolet rays, which often causes your furnishings to fade prematurely.

As smart technology becomes more common, adding it to your home will not only make your life more streamlined but it may help your property sell more quickly.