Eye-Catching Remodeling Trends That Marry Luxury With Imagination

Just as fashion trends change annually, home design preferences shift with each new year. As is the case with clothing styles, decorating motifs often make their way back into the mix. As we prepare to welcome 2019, let’s take a look at some high-end remodeling trends we’re sure to see emerge over the next 12 months.


Put the matte white away. The days of dull ceilings are over. Think of this space as a blank canvas just waiting to be put to good use. From selecting an accent color that will complement the walls to incorporating beams or molding to create a focal point, an array of eye-catching options awaits.

 To make a room feel unique and memorable, consider adding gold leaf, especially as this metallic is currently in vogue, or tin tiles, which evoke a vintage vibe. Vaulted ceilings have tendency to make a room feel so large it loses its coziness. In this case, painting it a dark hue adds a contemporary yet more intimate feel.


Beloved for their physical, mental, and emotional well-being benefits, plants are also revered for making a space feel infinitely more interesting and stylish. Not only do they add a welcome burst of color, they also reconnect us with the great outdoors and the beauty of the natural world.

In the new year, decorators are embracing a “bigger is better” motif when it comes to bringing greenery to living spaces. And why not? Plants add vitality at the same time they provide a natural form of air purification, which explains why living walls are growing in popularity both indoors and out. Whether they’re grown for privacy, aesthetic appeal, or as an edible vertical garden, these lush and leafy walls add beauty to any space.


While gray had been a popular pick for wall color, colorists are predicting bolder, more atmospheric hues in 2019. Say good-bye to those minimalist neutrals and get ready to embrace colors that push the boundaries and play well with others.

Deep, mysterious blues, forest greens, vivid reds, and black accent walls command attention and make everything else in the room seem a bit more interesting. Sherwin-Williams Colormix Color Forecast 2019 gathers 42 trend colors into one master palette, organized into six unique color personalities, to help homeowners get started.


From finishes and fixtures to lighting and appliances, gold and other bold metallics are claiming the top spot, outshining other metals. While white and stainless steel have dominated the kitchen scene for decades, bright metallics, brass, and gold are what’s cooking in 2019.

Top brands like Thompson Traders are embracing this colorful trend and manufacturing sinks and fixtures that are elegant and intriguing. Hammered finishes and intricate details replace the sterile looks of the past. Bringing in gold and other, decidedly brighter metallics warm up a space while adding style and sophistication.


In a nod to the “Everything old is new again” theory, wallpaper has made a stunning comeback. Florals and geometric shapes are the prints that will be in demand for the foreseeable future. If papering the entire room feels like too large a commitment, choose one wall and let it stand out by covering it in large, whimsical print that gives the room personality.

If solids are more your style, pick a textured paper. These coverings do wonders to mask flaws, such as cracks and other defects, especially in older homes. Textured wallpaper also adds depth and interest to a room. From hammered metals to delicate weaves, there’s a paper to please every eye and complement any decor.

If you’re interested in making some on-trend updates in the new year, these striking options add a chic and contemporary flair that will make your spaces feel modern and look magnificent.