High Tech Home Gadgets That Do the Work for You

If we’re being honest, kids aren’t the only ones who wish they could get out of doing chores. With a limited amount of free time, few of us want to spend hours engaged in housework. If you’re tired of losing much of the weekend to routine tasks, it may be time to embrace the latest gadgets that will lighten the load. From cleaning the floors to cutting the grass, robots are ready to make our lives easier and our homes tidier. Let’s take a look at some of these helpful appliances.


Schedule your floor cleaning days in advance

Give your canister or upright vacuum the year off and save your back by sending this iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum for a spin around the house. Its patented dirt detect sensors alert the vacuum to work harder on concentrated areas of dirt, such as high-traffic zones of your home. It’s wi-fi connected, and works with Alexa and the Google Assistant. It’s ideal for pet hair, carpets, and hardwood floors. You may still need a handheld vacuum for the stairs.


Increase your curb appeal without breaking a sweat

Take the guesswork out of lawn maintenance with Husqvarna Automower Robotic Lawn Mower, which offers set-it-and-forget-it convenience. This mower, which comes with a GPS navigator and is whisper-quiet, detects your lawn’s growth rate and adjusts accordingly so all areas of your lawn are mowed to uniform perfection. Start it from our smart phone, or set it to run at night so you can enjoy your landscape all day long.


Make your windows sparkle

We’re all familiar with the old saying “I don’t do windows.” Well, thanks to the Glass and Window Cleaning Automatic Robot with Remote Control you no longer need to dodge this task. The robot features three kinds of automatic operation modes for cleaning the entire window and stops automatically upon completion of cleaning. It’s perfect for homes with hard-to-reach vaulted windows.


Feed your pet without lifting a finger

Tired of rushing home to serve your hungry pet dinner? Let this PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder take care of mealtime. Control your pet’s supper from anywhere using your smartphone. Program up to 12 meals to feed on your pet’s schedule. Thanks to the ‘Feed Now’ function, you can dish up dinner for your cat or dog outside of normal feeding times. It allows you to choose portions from 1/8 cups to 4 cups to fit your pet’s needs, while a slow feed option prevents your four-legged family member from gobbling up too much at once.


Look forward to additional amenities coming in 2019

Tackling your housekeeping load, additional robotic advancements are on the horizon and destined to make your life easier. Here are just a few to look forward to in the coming year.

Never iron again with Effie. Using a patent-pending pressing method, the gadget removes wrinkles from your clothes after drying them. Say good-bye to your dry cleaning bill and hello to this innovative appliance.

Similarly, FoldiMate Laundry Folding Machine uses artificial intelligence to fold according to your preferences. Talk about smart technology.

Helping out in the bathroom, the Spinx Clean toilet brush is available for pre-order. Its robotic spinning brush combined with a jet of water and soap will shine every inch of the toilet bowl.

And who knows what the future will bring? Technological advances could bring us a robot to help with ironing or one that can automatically take out the trash.

If you’re hoping to add time back into your day and still have an orderly home, keep these robotic helpers on hand and reap the rewards.