Looks You’ll Love in 2020

The phrase “Out with the old and in with the new,” certainly applies to home decor. Let’s be honest: Nothing makes a space feel stale quite like outdated paint colors and furnishings. 

Of course, you don’t need to jump on every trend. Simply incorporating the ones you love that easily complement your current decor can be enough to give your rooms a welcome refresh.

Eager to begin? Take a look at the decorating trends you can expect to see taking center stage in 2020.

Introduce a new neutral

Shying away from white, colorful kitchens have been popular for the past year. In 2020, black will be the hue du jour. Striking and chic, you’ll find this bold look taking over cooking spaces, sprawling from cabinets to backsplashes. To prevent this dark and dramatic neutral from overwhelming your kitchen, balance it with plants or bright metal fixtures, which brighten the room.

Dazzle with dark wood

Unlike past years when light woods commanded all the attention, 2020 will see decidedly darker shades return in all their elegant splendor. Adding an instant touch of luxury, you can expect to find dark woods not only on the floor but also in furnishings, ceiling beams, and embellishing decorative accessories. Enjoy this old world look that never goes out of style.

Bring the outdoors in

As expected, greens are perennial favorites as they add color and vitality to any room. The trend of bringing the outdoors in through the use of living walls and small interior gardens is one that’s here to stay in 2020. In addition to beautifying a space, including the natural world offers the emotional benefits of serenity and peace of mind. To make the most of this amenity, create a nearby sitting area so you can enjoy the opportunity to admire the stillness and tranquility you’ve cultivated.

Revitalize with a new hue

While cool grays have been a primary color palette for the past few years, prepare to see walls become more vibrant in 2020. Expect to find a wide spectrum of pinks and purples not only on the walls but also in textiles and accessories. Dark greens and cobalt blues create warm and welcoming environments that leave guests impressed. Designers anticipate homeowners mixing light pastel pinks with rich greens and blues to add personality and flair, making spaces feel brand new.

Turn your bedroom on its head

Naturally, the bedroom should be one of your home’s most comfortable spaces. Designers are suggesting taking luxury to the next level with upholstered headboards. Make a statement with leather or fabric. Options abound, allowing you to choose from seamless solids or patterns, button-tufting, or nail head trim. Feel as if you’re in a five-star hotel without traveling beyond your front door.

Add eye-catching art in the form of wallpaper

Wallpaper’s stunning comeback continues. Use textured papers and others featuring bold floral and tropical-inspired prints to add an artistic touch. These captivating wall-coverings can serve as more temporary and affordable works of art. Stylish, removable papers make this option less of a long-term commitment if you have a change of heart or wish to repurpose your space in a few years. 

Embrace natural fibers

Sustainability has been at the forefront of homeowners’ minds for the past several decades. In 2020, you’ll find that accessories are making the most of materials like wicker, jute and rattan. From baskets and furnishings to art and area rugs, these feature an abundance of texture at the same time they’re more hospitable to the environment.

With plenty of time before the new year arrives, consider which trends you’d like to welcome into your home and then enjoy spaces that feel chic and contemporary.