Key Aspects of 5 Amazing Specialty Rooms

It’s almost like a primal instinct. As soon as you get a new home or a child moves out and opens up new area of your home to customize, there’s a strong desire to make it something special.

Whether it’s an elegant guest room, neatly designed office or an imaginative hobby space, specialized rooms are a hallmark of a truly well-thought out home. Such ambitious endeavors, however, can often be a budget buster. That means it’s time to prioritize.

So, let’s take a look at a few of the most common types of custom rooms and what aspects of the room to prioritize, no matter what your budget.

  1. The Home Office: Beyond the core purchases, such as a desk and chair to suit your needs, the biggest factors in an office tends to be lighting and layout. For example, an office without a sizeable window can feel stuffy and lack natural lighting that helps many people feel energized. If you don’t like your view, consider livening things up with unique lighting, such as the elegant chandelier in this office. Likewise, stylish curtains or shades are also key in keeping unwanted light out. Finally, be sure to invest in flooring that enables your work. Hardwood floors with a rug are a popular and stylish choice.
  2. The Home Theater: Let’s assume you’ve prioritized the big screen and sound system. Now it’s all about comfortable seating. While a couch may do the trick, modern home theaters provide luxury seating that gives people a movie theater feel — but substantially more comfort. For example, this homeowner opted for cushy, stadium style seating. Finally, consider paneled or soundproof walls that provide better acoustics and prevent loud sounds from disrupting people in other parts of your home.
  3. The Library: You love books, right? Now, it’s time to consider some big, customized book shelves to show off your literary collection and provide plenty of space for unique decor. Consider shelves that have lighting built in to provide quality lighting on your titles and art pieces, like this.
  4. The Home Gym: If you have the will power and the equipment, the biggest consideration for a home gym is flooring — preferably on a ground-level floor. Workout equipment takes a heavy toll on flooring, and inadequate flooring can contribute to injuries and be disruptive to other people in the house when weights are dropped or feet stomp around during workouts. Rubber mats, often sold as interlocking pieces, can often add enough damping for a workout room. But be mindful of your workout routine, because rubber flooring may provide too much cushion for your movement. 
  5. The Music Studio: Every musician has dreamed of having their own studio or practice space. And, after all the music equipment, studios typically come down to sound quality. That means you may spend the bulk of your budget soundproofing and working to achieve optimum acoustics. For example, this homeowner has soundproofed the room and added a specialized ceiling for improved acoustics.

Imagine, your very own studio — a haven for your creativity and a shelter from the “real world.” Or a professional quality home theater to treat your friends and family to a movie night or to watch the big game. These are the types of luxury touches that create an even deeper connection with your home.

So let your imagine run free to envision how your home might be transformed. Who knows, it might just help transform your hobbies, as well, putting you on track to preserve those songs you’ve always wanted to record or giving you an enjoyable workspace to expand your horizons even more.