Ino’z Features Wimberley’s Best Patio and A True Sense of Community

Ino’z Brew and Chew, located on RR 12 in downtown Wimberley, opened in 2003. Owner Tom Keyser chose the location because it is among the most beautiful places to appreciate the picturesque Cypress Creek.

A large wood deck is perched up above lawns running to the waters edge and its towering cypress trees. Ino’z makes the most of its outdoor area with two Bocce Ball sand courts, several picnic tables and totem pole-like sculptures made by a local artist from dead cypress trees. Kids love going to the edge of the water and feeding bits of their sandwiches to the ducks, turtles, and other grateful wildlife.

The owner’s goal is to make Ino’z an easy place to enjoy yourself. Signs throughout the facility add to the fun. One, for example, makes the offer, “Buy an Ino’z burger for the price of two, get the second free,” is typical of the humor Tom brings to the place.

Ino’z features a garden room, a sports bar, and an outdoor patio. Ino’z hosts live music Thursdays through Sundays each Market Day weekend (the weekend that includes the first Saturday of the month) March through December.

Fried Garlic Pickles, Southwestern Eggrolls and Savory Baby Back Ribs

The menu at Ino’z covers a wide range of comfy, homey favorites, featuring such appetizers as fried garlic pickles, a tasty Queso Blanco, and Southwestern Eggrolls with chicken and black bean filling. The menu also offers a wide selection of fresh salads including grilled Tilapia, chicken, or a large stuffed tomato with their homemade chicken salad for a light and nutritious lunch.

Wraps on the menu are filled with a chicken, tilapia or vegetarian selection and dressed in a variety of themes. Some of the most popular sandwiches include burgers, a Ribeye steak sandwich, and homemade chicken salad sandwiches. For heartier appetites, the place also offers baby back ribs, fried catfish and grilled tuna steak, all with fries or a dinner salad.

Fundraising and Community Involvement with My Neighbors Keeper

After moving to the Wimberley area to establish Ino’z over a decade ago, owner Tom Keyser fell in love with the town and its people, making many friends. He reached out to pull the community together by founding an organization he dubbed, “My Neighbors Keeper.”

In 2012, Keyser organized a successful benefit in Wimberley to help victims of the devastating wildfires in Bastrop and Smithville. The event went well and he thought they could continue doing good work for the local community by helping disaster victims closer to home in Wimberley.

Funds raised by My Neighbors Keeper now go to provide short-term assistance to those who suffer losses in the immediate area. A spirited and warm-hearted man who knows the value of giving back, Keyser’s work in the community keeps him busy to the benefit and enjoyment of all. Especially his regular customers who love the food and fun at Ino’z.