Innovative Hair Salon Body & Soul Pairs Aesthetics with Wellness

When Heather Hoffman, co-owner of Hair Salon Body & Soul, was looking for a new location to move her business, Heather’s first concern was finding a space that was convenient and accessible for her clients. The highly-skilled esthetician’s trademark consideration and desire to please her devoted following illustrate why I believe the New Providence community is so fortunate she opened her doors at 29 South Street.

If you’re looking for a day, or even just an hour’s worth of pampering, you’re sure to find it within this chic yet warm and welcoming space. Heather and I are in complete agreement – she’s created so much more than your ordinary salon. In addition to customary treatments such as haircuts, styling and coloring, the spa features vitamin facials and a vast array of eyelash and brow services.

Since doubling its size in the move from Summit to New Providence, Hair Salon Body & Soul has had the opportunity to increase its sought-after wellness and cosmetic treatment offerings, which leave clients feeling beautiful inside and out. The salon’s new home also provides ample, free parking to its clientele.

In getting to know Heather and her business partner, Melissa Veloso, I quickly recognized that their commitment to making clients feel amazing would mesh perfectly with another client of mine who was also in the market for a new location.

Dr. Anthony Cavazos, a board-certified family physician and anti-aging specialist, offers cutting-edge I.V. vitamin infusion therapy treatments to alleviate the symptoms associated with everything from Lyme disease and insomnia to migraines and diabetes. The anti-aging specialist, known to his patients affectionately as Dr. C, has been performing cosmetic procedures, including Botox™, since the late 1990s.

Establishing these businesses in the same building created an opportunity for both to expand while benefitting each other and their clients.

“We have an amazing space, and to be able to have Dr. C right upstairs, it’s been wonderful,” says Heather, who noted that at the salon’s previous location a doctor stopped in just once per week to administer cosmetic and wellness treatments. “While we’re providing our signature services, such as a vitamin therapy facial, he can come down, and depending on your needs, he can offer cosmetic treatments or an I.V. infusion and you leave feeling like a completely new person.

“Combining the two worlds takes them both to another level,” Heather says. “It’s all because of Jason’s innovative thinking.”

Catering to Everyone

hair salon body & soul

Hair Salon Body & Soul is an inclusive experience. The salon and spa features a multitude of services for men as well as children’s haircuts and styling. Heather notes that her knowledge of the acne treatment has cured the majority of her clients, making her a wonderful resource for teens and adults in need of healing.

In her gorgeous new location, Heather says she is also thrilled to offer the community access to high-end salon and spa products. The spacious and luxurious interior makes it a coveted spot for bridal parties and prom goers to prepare for their events in style.

“We’re so happy to be here,” Heather says. “Going from what I had to what I have now is a complete difference. We have so much more here and our clients love it. We look forward to watching our business continue to flourish in the wonderful community.”

Whether you’re looking for a precision-crafted cut or a soothing spa treatment, Hair Salon Body & Soul can provide you with an upscale Manhattan-like experience without having to leave town.

For more information, visit Hair Salon Body & Soul’s website or Facebook page, or call 908-522-9080.

Jason Forster
Realtor, Broker
(908) 516-8454