How I Fell For Clarksville

When I first moved to Austin back in the 1990s, it didn’t take long to feel like I was a part of this amazing city.  As a matter of fact, Austin instantly stole my heart.

My first introduction to the Clarksville community came in the form of a recommendation for a local business. My finance professor at the University of Texas was hands-down the best dressed instructor in the College of Business.  So he was a clear choice for a savvy recommendation to a quality local dry cleaner.  I knew he’d have the scoop!

He asked me if I wanted “just a dry cleaner” or did I want the dry cleaner “that our 45th Governor Ann Richards employs?”  Well, naturally, I wanted to go to Ann Richards’ dry cleaners!  And so for the last 20+ years Anthony’s has been my go-to for the diligent care of my favorite clothes and the sweet smiles that come across the counter when I walk in the door.

It didn’t take long for me to discover the neighboring businesses and outright fall  in love with Clarksville and all of the outstanding qualities of the restaurants, shops, parks, architecture and most importantly, the residents of the neighborhood.

Enjoying Coffee and Dinner with Friends and Colleagues

As I moved on from college into a career in the world of high tech, Clarksville continued to be go-to territory for many memorable coffee meetings at Cafe Medici and Sweetish Hill.  I continue to enjoy these places and adore the neighborhood convenience of outstanding dinners with both friends and colleagues at Cipollina, Jeffrey’s, Nau’s Enfield Drug, and too many more to mention. To this day, I look forward to the relaxed nightlife with a note of luxury that is a part of why Clarksville and Austin speak to my heart and make this city so attractive to me.


Clark’s is one of my all-time favorite restaurants in town. The combination of chic and classy dining with an intimate comfortable atmosphere represents what the neighborhood is all about. Like I said, there is nothing quite like Clarksville.

If your plant-friends are ailing you can’t go wrong with advice from Sledd Nursery. And if Saturday morning calls for a little retail therapy, just hit Sixth Street, the southern perimeter of the neighborhood, and enjoy the fantastic run of shops and galleries.  Don’t forget to grab a little something at Wiggy’s and supplies from FreshPlus for that Sunday brunch! I could go on and on about the places to eat and shop, as well as stay in shape and get fit at the best gyms in town, as well as the unique blend of a quaint, old-time charm mixed with a refreshingly hip and modern vibe. Instead, I want to share why Clarksville is so appealing in its overall beauty and architecture, and the neighborhood ambiance you meet at every turn.

Austin’s Goldilocks Neighborhood

I refer to Clarksville as Austin’s Goldilocks neighborhood.  In other words, it’s “Just Right!” For starters, it is pedestrian friendly, with a walk score of 78, the 7th most walkable neighborhood in Austin, everything you need is a few steps from your front door. You can easily stroll in the sensational parks in the area or even walk to Zilker Park, where Austin’s acclaimed music festivals, kite festival, and the holiday Trail of Lights can all be taken in. Lady Bird Lake is nearby, so when you want to enjoy the sanctuary of the lake and park or get in your morning run it’s literally a hop and a skip away.  If you choose to drive, the ride is no more than five minutes. In other words, there is direct access to everything Austin has to offer and Clarksville residents get the best of both worlds.

If you just want to stay in the neighborhood, Clarksville has West Austin Park and Wading Pool which is kid-friendly and shares the block with a leash-free dog park.

Diverse Neighborhood with a Great Sense of Pride

Clarksville appeals to a wide variety of lifestyles. This includes established Austinites, and families, couples and singles that are planning for their future. Watching the neighborhood parents walk their kids to Matthews Elementary on the weekday mornings always makes me smile.  It’s simply a charming neighborhood with a colorful history. Seeing is believing. Take a walk in Clarksville and admire the beauty of the turn of the century architecture mixed with the updated modern homes and larger estates. The topography is also a lovely rolling hill of a neighborhood with spectacular elevated views (some legally protected) of downtown from many streets.

All the homes in Clarksville have their own magnificent character and there is a great sense of pride in preserving the architectural beauty of the community. The Old West Austin Neighborhood Association (OWANA) is an active forum open to the residents of Clarksville.

Their mission is to preserve the community and neighborhood. The association and the residents of Clarksville are doing a great job at keeping its beauty alive and growing. There really is nothing quite like Clarksville and the community here. The city’s hot spots are within reach and yet you can still relax in style from the privacy of your beautiful home and neighborhood.

Please say hello if we bump into each other out having dinner at Clark’s, relaxing at the park or dropping off clothes at the cleaners. After all, it’s always a great day to make new friends in Clarksville!

Maxavenue Staff