Hot Tubs: Worth It?

Ahhhhhhhh! It’s hard not to let out a little moan of pleasure as you ease into a hot tub to relax. And to have those warm, whirling waters available whenever you’d like at home is a luxury to many people.

But, there’s no guarantee the hot tub will significantly increase the value of your home if you decide to sell one day.

The value of a hot tub is in the eyes of the beholder.

Hot tubs aren’t necessarily a major maintenance issue — weekly cleanings, regular check ups and water quality tests are considered nothing more than an easy, routine chore for many. (Learn more here.)

But hot tubs tend to be less valued in warm climates like Austin’s than in cooler areas of the country.

For some potential homebuyers, an above ground hot tub may be seen as a maintenance hassle that increases water and electricity bills. And, if hot tubbing isn’t their thing, the tub may ultimately have to be removed.

Depending on the installation, hot tubs may or may not be personal property, which is not included in the real estate value, but may play a role in the negotiation of a purchase agreement.

In fact, some potential buyers may request a special inspection of the tub, and in others may ask that the tub be removed as part of the sales contract.

That said, a hot tub may catch the eye of some potential buyers. Like most specialized improvements, hot tubs may be part of a larger home-selling strategy to target a particular type of buyer who is likely to be enticed by such a relaxing amenity.

And, like the rest of the home, it may help to spruce your hot tub up before a sale. In addition to regular maintenance, consider replacing an old or damaged cover and ensure that the tubs pumps and filters are in working order.