Getting Maximum Value in Steiner Ranch

There is no fixed selling price for your home. Your ultimate selling price is elastic to how you expertly manage the key elements of the home selling process that directly influence the selling price.

He’s not your average Steiner Ranch resident: Robby Roberts is a Realtor with Maxavenue. His knowledge of the area is combined with power selling and marketing tools that helps the homeowners he works with to reach a much larger and well-qualified audience, which is crucial in high-demand areas of Austin like Steiner Ranch.

In most real estate sales, there are a host of factors that complicate the process: timing, buyer negotiations, market conditions, and others. But a great Realtor doesn’t just mitigate these circumstances, he expects them.

Putting His Clients First

Take Rob and Kate Holcomb, who sold their home in the UT Golf Club community of Steiner Ranch in January 2017. “One of the challenges is that the Holcomb’s were selling and buying at the same time. Timing was important,” says Robby. “We actually went to market in December, which is definitely not the best timing, seasonally, but that’s putting the client first. We felt like it was the right timing for the client, and we were prepared to overcome that challenge.”

When Robby began to look at the Holcomb’s home, he was able to use Maxavenue’s price elasticity principles to determine not just an asking price, but a price range. This enabled him to find the best point on that range in order to get the most value out of their home, and close on the right timeline for the homeowners, reducing the risk that they would have to move twice. Rob Holcomb says he was skeptical at first. “We had put an offer in on another home, and that process was underway, and were closing in December and didn’t have many options. We needed it listed and sold as quickly as possible.”

With Maxavenue Maximum Value Home Selling Service Certification, Robby was able to leverage the strategies and practices from the home selling system to help him schedule crucial services like a staging consultation and pre-inspection. And even though time was a huge factor for this listing, so was getting the most value out of the home, says Rob. “Robby’s mentality was, let’s figure out what we need to do to get this thing where people can’t come in and scrutinize it, or negotiate based on what’s wrong with it. Robby had us use a staging service, she came out and gave us a written report with her suggestions. We implemented a number of those, and addressed a majority of the items in the pre-inspection before we listed.

“I was surprised and happy when we got the offer so quick, because I wasn’t thinking the asking price would be that high,” says Rob. In fact, quick is an understatement: They were under contract within 12 days of going on the market.

There is no fixed selling price for your home. In any market condition, your home will sell within a price range.

The question is: do you want to get the high end of the range or the low end?

Contact Robby to learn more about Price Elasticity and the specific factors that may impact your home’s value.

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