Get Your Adrenaline Pumping: Austin Haunted Houses

Image Credit: SCARE for a Cure

The world of haunted houses has never been more terrifying. It seems that each year haunted house producers find better effects, more bone-rattling sounds and more disorienting situations.

Sure, there are still spooky homes more suited for younger children and families — see our list below. But some of the biggest names in the Austin area seem to have made a name for themselves by being a lot scarier than patrons expect — and we’re not just talking about the line to get in.

It’s usually up to parents to decide how young is too young for these haunted houses. Some outfits, such as House of Torment, say that if you would let your child watch a PG-13 movie, then it’s probably OK to visit. (See our corn maze and pumpkin patch blog for ideas for younger children.) Remember, you’re paying to have a little adrenaline rush. So, scary is good.

SCARE for a Cure

Hang on tight. SCARE is a full-contact haunting experience where you may end up crawling through spaces and interacting with actors as you immerse yourself into a frightening storyline filled with blood, slime and obstacles. But a Halloween haunting isn’t the only reason to go. This nonprofit outfit partners with actors, set designers and producers to create a haunting experience that sends proceeds to local cancer charities.

Location: J. Lorraine Ghost Town, 14219 Littig Rd, Manor, TX 78653

Price: $30 regular admission (upgrade available)


House of Torment

Easily the most famous of Austin’s haunted realms, House of Torment sends you into a terrifying experience that some national publications say is one of the best in the country. Catch a quirky behind the scenes news segment here, but the House of Torment may be a little scarier without the camera lights and TV personalities. This year features three areas to explore — if you can survive. A portion of ticket proceeds benefit an anti-bullying campaign.

Location: 523 E. Highland Mall Boulevard in Austin

Price: $25 general admission (various packages available, discounts available for some government employees)


Pioneer Farms Haunted Halloween

People are disappearing without a trace from Sprinkle Corner village. Could the Creatures of the Night be to blame? Perhaps a bit more family-friendly than other haunted houses, this haunting experience lets participants try to figure out the mysterious disappearances.

Location: 10621 Pioneer Farms Dr. in Austin

Price: $12


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