Retail Roundup: Flintrock Falls Area Shopping, Dining and Entertainment

Flintrock Falls homeowners enjoy a dynamic combination of luxury and convenience. Just a short 5- to 10-minute drive south is the Hill Country Galleria, with over 80 stores including Whole Foods Market, more than 20 restaurants, and a multiplex movie theater.

Some of the Galleria’s most popular stores include Banana Republic, Chico’s, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Dillard’s, Eddie Bauer, Relax the Back, Soma Intimates, and Victoria’s Secret, as well as White House Black Market, American Eagle Outfitters, and many other popular beauty, accessory and clothing boutiques. In addition, the Galleria has an intimate amphitheater that hosts local musicians playing an ongoing concert series the entire family can enjoy.

Sip a Margarita and Enjoy Incredible Sunset Views

After a day on Lake Travis, boaters often retire to the Oasis Restaurant to sip a margarita and enjoy mouthwatering fajitas on the multi-level decks known for incredible hilltop views of the sunsets glistening over Lake Travis.

Nearby Lakeway offers residents of Flintrock Falls an enviable selection of dining choices, from the authentic southwestern cuisine of Flores Mexican Restaurant to tasty classic Italian fare at Rocco’s Grille. For what many regard as the best fish ‘n’ chips in Austin, The League is the place to go.  And the list of popular restaurants goes on. From local burgers and pizza to nationally famous chain restaurants — there’s plenty to choose from.

Critically Acclaimed, Authentic and Delicious Mexican Food

Often hailed by critics and diners alike as one of the best restaurants in Austin, Santa Catarina offers an authentic Interior Mexican menu full of delicious and sometimes adventuresome dishes. Located about 5-minutes from Flintrock Falls, the restaurant is warm, inviting, and informal, but the food is at once outstanding and exciting.

For instance, both of the menu’s soups are fun, flavorful, and unique. Sopa Taraxca is an Oaxacan-style tortilla soup that stands apart from any other tortilla soup. It is made with roasted dried peppers, roasted tomatoes, chicken broth, onions, epazote, and a puree of roasted corn tortillas; served with chicken picadillo, tortilla strips, avocado, and cheese. The other soup is perhaps even less common. The crema de elote is a well-balanced and flavorful cream of roasted corn soup with cilantro, served with cheese and huitlacoche — the prized fungus that blackens corn and gives it a rare flavor in some ways similar to a truffle.

Among the other popular dishes on the menu are a variety of delicious chiles rellenos filled with fresh Gulf drum and shrimp, huitlacoche topped with queso Oaxaca and mole rojo, cheese, or the popular chile relleno en nogada. The relleno en nogada is a roasted poblano pepper stuffed with pork picadillo, almonds, and raisins then topped with a walnut sauce, garnished with pomegranate seeds, and served with rice and black beans.

Frequent diners often recommend choosing any of the menu options that include the house’s famous mole rojo, a sauce developed from dried spices over a long time to create a complex and delicious profile of flavors. The menu also offers fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, an impressive array of appetizers, and a handful of exquisite desserts, with all of the food made with both an eye to tradition and successful innovation.

Exquisite French Cuisine to Surprise and Delight You

For an exquisite meal of classical French dishes without a lot of pretense or stuffiness, there’s nowhere else in Austin like Artisan Bistro. Also about a 5-minute drive, Artisan Bistro is a traditional bistro serving in the style you might find in Rouen, France. Watching French Chef Cesidio d’Andrea in his open kitchen as he and his team apply French techniques to prepare the food can be thrilling.

The menu is far from extensive; instead, it is brilliantly concise. The menu pulls off a rather clever thing. While it remains short, the choices offered are still broad and varied. For instance, the three excellent appetizer choices are Pate de Campagne (Country Pate), Duck Foie and Escargots. And there it is: simple, short, and dazzling.

Regular diners at Artisan Bistro often mention the Duck Confit as being particularly good, but it’s hard to find someone who will talk ill of the Lamb Provencal, the delicious Beef Bourguignon or any of the other entrees. The pastries elicit the same sort of overwhelming praise as does the rest of the menu — perhaps most especially the crème brûlée and apple tart. In addition to the wonderful food in the restaurant, Chef d’Andrea also operates a spectacular bakery from the same space.