Fannie Robinson Park: Taylor’s Warm and Friendly Gathering Place

The city of Taylor takes great pride in its opulent green areas which include over eight miles of hike-and-bike trails, and Fannie Robinson Park is at the epicenter of this lush network. The park is quiet but comprehensive, complete with many amenities such as ball courts, swimming pools, and picnic areas. The park is very well-maintained and the delightful laughter of children, as well as a romantic sunset view, come together to make the park a warm and family-friendly gathering place.

The 55-acre Fannie Robinson Park was dedicated in 1955 and named after Fannie Robinson, a longtime resident of Taylor. The land was acquired in 1939 and, at the urging of Dr. James Dickey, the park was dedicated and named in honor of Ms. Robinson in 1955.

Modern Family-Friendly Fun

The park offers three separate covered pavilions, with the most recent completed in 2013, and all of them are available for rent. Barbeque pits, picnic tables, and spacious baseball fields are also readily available. A playscape with swings is situated nearby, nestled between tall oak trees that provide plenty of shade. On hot summer days, families enjoy swimming at the Robinson Pool, also available for rent. Trained YMCA lifeguards are on constant vigil to maintain safety. The Robinson Swimming Pool is open on weekends only.

The park is updated regularly. Wi-Fi has been recently added, and many exciting planned additions are in development, including additional playscapes, trails, volleyball beaches with nighttime lighting, basketball courts, and more.

Taylor’s Biggest Live Events

Fannie Robinson Park often hosts events, both city-wide and locally. Annual celebrations include memorials for Dr. James Lee Dickey and Ms. Fannie Robinson, both celebrated Taylor residents who contributed much to the community and the park.

Parades include the Annual Halloween Spooktacular and Christmas and New Year celebrations. Other fun events include the Taylor Zest Fest, a celebration of the local community’s diversity, with special kid’s events, arts and crafts, live entertainment, and more.