Essential Home Office Concepts

The perfect home office is a seamless blend of function, style and comfort.

On one hand, the home office has to help you do your best work. But it should also be a place that feels good to hang out in when you’re not on the clock.

Ideally, a home office is relatively free of distractions, hopefully tucked away from major foot traffic areas of the home. But you’ll probably also want some natural light and a compelling view.

And it also has to look cool — showing off some home office pride while remaining professional enough for visitors or an internet video conference.

The combination of key features is a bit of a balancing act, but putting extra thought into home office design can help motivate you professionally and, potentially, add value to your home.

Start by taking a hard look at your existing workspace.

Do you revel in a messy desk covered in paperwork and freckled with Post-its? That might be a sign that your home office should probably be a separate room or area that has plenty of drawers and shelving. After all, you wouldn’t want your genius-level tornado of work sitting in an open, minimal setting like this one.

A paperwork hoarder who needs some serious space to work might opt for something more like this office.

The trick is to find something that suites your needs, without making costly mistakes — such as being so specialized and bursting with personality that if you decide to sell someday a potential homebuyer sees your office as an expensive remodeling project.

Those who prefer a classic look becoming of a lawyer, professor or author might consider installing in-wall bookcases like these.

Others may opt for a workspace that easily converts to a hobby space to record music, create crafts or assist your kids with their homework. 

Creating Comfort

Whatever your style, keep in mind the many hours you’ll likely spend in the office — perhaps more than any other place in the house. That means comfort is also key.

Whether looking for a new home or creating an office space in your existing abode, make sure your office has ample room for your work materials and extra room for personal touches or unexpected additions.

Give yourself the best view possible. It can be tough to win an office with a view in a corporate office setting, but you’re the boss of your workspace at home.

Pick a desk that matches your needs, and select a high-quality chair that encourages good posture without compromising comfort.

You can always repaint your office if you decide to sell, so choose a color that you love, inspiring artwork and other elements will help energize you during those long days.

Lighting is a major part of the work environment. So consider giving yourself many options — natural light, overhead light and a quality desk lamp.

With some attention to detail, personal touches and thoughtful consideration to your working needs, you’ll create a dream office that balances your personal and work life while potentially adding resale value to your home.