Embracing Color in the Home

Adding color to your home’s interior is very much a personal decision. While some adore the instant energy bold shades bring to a space, others find comfort in soothing neutral tones. Of course, there’s no right answer. Home designers, however, recommend opting for a 60/30/10 ratio that aims for an even and eye-catching distribution of 60 percent dominant color, 30 percent secondary color, and 10 percent accent color. With that in mind, let’s look at ways to embrace color in the home.


Warm up your walls

A room’s walls serve as blank canvases, beckoning homeowners to experiment with color. By including pastels or light blush tones, you can lighten up a darker space, especially one that lacks natural light. Working with deeper, dark shades allows you to create a mood. If you’re worried about overwhelming a room, start with an accent wall. Removable wallpaper makes it simpler than ever to create a new look without a long-term commitment.


Marry fun and function through furnishings

Your personal comfort takes precedence over any color trend, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun while selecting new furnishings. Before replacing or refurbishing pieces, consider how frequently you use this space and what function it serves. For example, the chair you select for your home office will likely be quite different from the one you choose for your living room. A floral chair, sofa, or settee add instant interest. Because your sofa often serves as the centerpiece of the room, choose a color that suits the mood of that space. Consider how shades like buttery yellows feel optimistic, while blues are calming. Something as simple as adding a bright ottoman or colorful coffee table can breathe new life into a room.


Add interest to floor

Rugs have the power to tie a room together. Rather than waste an opportunity to showcase color, choose a rug that compliments your other furnishings yet catches the eye. From bold patterns and stripes to soft, muted shag carpets, options abound. Even a simple runner adds dimension to a room at the same time it provides comfort and warmth.


Make the most of your accessories

From bright, bold lamps to patterned throw pillows, accessories are a cost-effective way to incorporate color with making any permanent changes. Update your window treatments to bring a different energy to the space. Hanging artwork provides another opportunity to play with color and texture.


Pay homage to nature

There’s no question about it, plants and floral arrangements add beauty to any space. At the same time, plants purify the air, helping us breathe a little easier. According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, many plants rid our homes of airborne toxins, dust, and even hazards found in household cleaners and furnishings. Opt for low-maintenance plants such as aloe vera or palms, which do double duty as decor and air purifiers. Or, easier still, select branches and dried berries and place them in decorative vases for a natural look that freshens the room.

Embracing color in the home offers an opportunity to warm up your spaces and show a bit of personality. If you could benefit from assistance when selecting the perfect color palette, contact an interior designer or color consultant to ensure you achieve a look you’ll love.