Do you know what kind of water coverage you carry?

I think it’s safe to say that most homeowners in Central Texas don’t carry the extra insurance required for floods from oceans, streams or lakes, but did you know that flood insurance is only one of the five types of water coverages available in the state of Texas? I know I didn’t.

The thing is this… if you have water damage in your home the source of the water determines whether or not your insurance company will compensate you for the damage.

Here’s a brief description of the five types of coverages.

  1. 1. Sudden & Accidental Discharge of Water – this is protection from water damage resulting from a pipe bursting.

2. Water Backup – this is protection from water damage resulting if there is a backup in a sewer system, and water comes pouring out of your toilets and sinks into the house.

3. Foundation Coverage – this is protection to your foundation if it has to be destroyed in order to fix a water problem in or under the foundation. This is typically only an important coverage if you would have to tear up the foundation to get to pipes. A good example of this is a slab foundation.

4. Continual & Repeated Seepage – this is protection from water damage resulting from a slow leak in the home, which damages the home over time.

5. Flooding – This is protection from water damage resulting from water rising water from a stream, ocean, river, lake, and/or drainage system outside the dwelling. This coverage is NOT included on any homeowners policy and can only be purchase through a separate policy.

I had some clients find out the hard way that all homeowners policies are not created equal. Turns out that they didn’t have the insurance coverage that would pay for damage caused by a broken pipe in the foundation. What they also learned was that not only are there four additional types of water coverages available but many companies don’t even offer all of them!!!

The question I have for you is this; Do you have at least four of the five noted above? If the answer is… you’re not sure… then check your policy or make a quick call to your insurance agent. Verify which types of water damage protections are included in your policy. Make sure you don’t find out the hard way that you don’t have the coverage you thought you did.

Talk to My Trusted Insurance Expert

If you have questions or would like more information, feel free to call Travis Thibodeaux, owner of Travis Thibodeaux Insurance Team.  I’ve known Travis for several years and I can tell you he’s not only a great insurance agent, he’s also an all-around good guy.

I like working with local folks and supporting the local economy and I know Travis feels the same way.  He not only lives in Kyle but gives back to the community by volunteering to the local youth sports.  Travis and his team help their clients find the best insurance coverage at the best price by shopping 30 plus carriers on behalf of their clients.

His agency is a family owned and operated. So whether you are renting, driving, purchasing a home or inviting friends for a ride on your boat, the Travis Thibodeaux Insurance Team can offer both the knowledge and understanding needed to give you PEACE OF MIND.

Their philosophy is the same as mine… they believe in representing their clients with honesty and integrity and they believe in building long lasting relationships. You can reach Travis and his team at 512.270.0960 or you can submit an online request at

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