5 Convenient Decor and Furnishings

Whether you’re redecorating an entire room or choosing a specific item that will open up your space or offer a low-maintenance look you adore, finding pieces that satisfy those requirements is easier than ever. 

The following are five items that present homeowners with helpful strategies for increasing efficiency without sacrificing visual appeal.

Storage ottoman

Who doesn’t love to put their feet up at the end of a long day? But rather than serve a lone purpose, some ottomans do double duty as welcome storage spaces. If you’re looking for a place to hide everything from blankets to books, a storage ottoman will keep your items close but concealed so your room appears neat and orderly. They also provide additional seating in a pinch.

Murphy beds

Legend has it inventor William Lawrence Murphy (1856-1957) came up with the idea for the hideaway bed to thwart courting customs that would’ve precluded the object of his affection from entering his one-room apartment in San Francisco. By storing his bed in his closet, Murphy transformed his “bedroom” to a “parlor” and was able to entertain the lady who would later become his wife. Murphy beds are every bit as helpful today. If you’re short on space or have frequent visitors but don’t want to designate a separate guest room, these stealthy sleepers allow you to have all the floor space you need and still enjoy a comfortable place to rest.

Drop-leaf dining table

Make an easy transition from an intimate dinner for two to a holiday gathering for a group with a drop-leaf dining table. Thanks to their compact size, they’re ideal for everyday use in small kitchens and compact dining rooms. Save space without sacrificing the opportunity to entertain. No more lugging larger tables out of the garage with this piece.

Artificial plants

Faux foliage has come a long way from the waxy and fake-looking flora of the past. Modern-day marvels, artificial plants are as eye-catching as they are low-maintenance. You never need to worry about water and sunlight levels or figure out how to transplant them as they outgrow their pots. These plants are available at a range of price points and a variety of sizes and colors designed to enhance your decor. If you lack a green thumb but still wish for a welcome burst of vitality, consider adding artificial plants to your home.

Corner desk

Corners of a room often go to waste. If you’re hoping for a home office but reluctant to to dedicate an entire room to this purpose, a corner desk may meet your needs. Small but mighty, these desks give you a comfortable workspace without limiting your range of movement. With a swivel chair in place, you can reach across these desks more easily than you would at your traditional rectangular work area.

If you’re looking for home furnishings that are practical helpmates but still visually appealing, consider these convenient decor options.