Clarksville Florist Coby Neal Talks About the Power of Flowers

As humans, we’re very sensitive to our surroundings. I love to advise clients who want to sell their home to include fresh flowers in the presentation of their home to potential buyers. When a buyer walks into a home, often they may not be able to pinpoint exactly what they do or don’t like about it, but they know when a house feels right. I think there’s something about putting flowers in an environment that just feels right.

Recently, I got the chance to visit with The Flower Studio owner Coby Neal, who has been a fixture as an award-winning, Austin florist for more than 47 years. It’s clear from our conversation that his shop’s arrangements are more than flowers and greenery, they are living, artistic expressions. As with art, each of his creations evokes a feeling unique to the person viewing them.

“We are enhancing someone’s life with beautiful flowers. That’s been my passion for the past 50 years. Flowers are the silent message that sometimes we, as human beings cannot vocalize to other people,” Neal says. Flowers have been proven to enhance mood and make everybody feel better, he notes.

For 20 years The Flower Studio on the corner of West Sixth Street and Oakland has been enhancing the already charming and welcoming Clarksville neighborhood that I love. The community’s shops and restaurants are some of the best gems in Austin. Living here, you can walk to them. I’ve mentioned this before, but the more time I spend here, the more Clarksville becomes the Goldilocks of neighborhoods – it’s just right.

The Flower Studio captures the Clarksville vibe perfectly. Part artistic pursuit, part entrepreneurial endeavor the results of which have brought joy, comfort, beauty, amazement and color to people’s lives. His shop not only provides excellent floral expertise, but it has also put on its share of high-profile events. Royalty, movie stars, professional athletes have all sought the guidance of The Flower Studio.

“I was in my senior year in college, and I had a friend that was working for a little flower shop as a delivery person. I went with him one day, and I just fell in love with this creative endeavor. I have a degree in art so it in some form or fashion all kind of blended together.”

When he started The Flower Studio, locally-owned flower shops were the authoritative source for arrangements that helped people mark milestones throughout their lives.  Neal got to know his customers personally, whether he was preparing 20 wedding centerpieces, an anniversary bouquet, a bouquet welcoming a new baby, or a funeral display.

What flowers does he recommend to dress up your home and impress buyers for days? Something in the lily family is a good place to start. But don’t discount the classics. “The good old Carnation will last forever. We have access to so many varieties of them now that most people wouldn’t recognize them as carnations,” he says.

Coby Neal’s The Flower Studio and its passion for the art of floral arrangements is to the Clarksville neighborhood what fresh flowers can add to your home – pure delight.

Maxavenue Staff