Carports: Modern Styles Add Value to Your Home

Carports are a common sight in Austin, but many of them aren’t notable and don’t add significant value to a home. The right design could.

Carports don’t have to be a glorified tent for your car to sit under. A stylish and sturdy design provides a shelter for your vehicle, as well as a secondary patio to work under, a versatile place entertain and provide storage.

Though sometimes viewed as an inferior cousin of the garage, a stylishly-designed carport provides a modern look and a versatile space for Austin’s warm climate.

Adding Style to Existing Carports

Simple steel and tin designs are common in Austin. If you have one of these, there are many ways to improve them to add to your home’s curb appeal.

Painting support columns could provide a splash of color that compliments accent colors on your window frames, shutters or front door. (Be sure to choose a paint that works with the material of your carport.)

Adding improved light fixtures could also help your carport shine. Consider recessed lighting for more of a glow under the carport than a spotlight. Commercial grade string lights could also add a touch of style, especially in carports that double as patio space for entertaining, like this one.

Building New

If you don’t have a garage or carport, survey your property to see if there may be space for a one- or two-car area in front, on the side or in the backyard — so long as there’s space for a driveway leading to it.

A simple, stand-alone carport like this one creates shade while allowing for plenty of ventilation. And, when the cars are pulled out, it could serve as a workspace, an area for temporary storage of supplies or a patio to set up some furniture and relax in the shade.

For those who prefer minimalist styles, consider a more stylish version of the common steel and tin shelters, like this one.

A more prominent and rustic look can be achieved with wood, steel and concrete.

And similar designs can incorporate planters along the sides for a natural, gardner-friendly look.

If you already have a garage, consider having the best of both worlds by adding shading onto the front of the garage. See a well-crafted example of that here.

Modify to Suite Your Style

If you’re building new, look for designs that incorporate materials and styles that compliment your home. And be sure to carefully consider sunlight angles to avoid creating hot spots that get sunlight for hours a day.

Likewise, be sure to consider the path between your door and your car. A little extra coverage could save the day during a downpour.

Carports can also be designed to incorporate solar panels, and they can be equipped with gutters that could add to your rain collection for free gardening water.