Amazing Kitchens That Add Beauty and Value

Even before I started my career in real estate, I saw the value of the kitchen. It’s where people gather and delicious meals are born. The kitchen has always had its own gravity at family gatherings and parties I’ve been to.

In fact, I think the kitchen is perhaps the most memorable part of most of the homes I visit. Few rooms have such a diversity of materials and features, providing a contrast and style all its own.

So when I met Adam Johnston about seven years ago, I was excited about the kitchen-building business he was starting. We’ve been helping each other ever since. I found a nice place for him to lease while he got his business rolling, and I’ve represented him on three subsequent home purchases as his idea grew into UB Kitchens, one of the most dynamic kitchen design businesses in Texas. Adam is awesome to work with, and, with his extensive building and design knowledge, he sees potential everywhere.

All in the Family

I’ve even worked with Adam’s mother-in-law. And UB Kitchens has helped me make several homeowners’ dreams come true with amazing designs and world-class construction.

When I say amazing, I really mean it. Adam’s business specializes in stylish, modern design and high-quality products at a lower price than any comparable business around. Since we first met, Adam’s business has grown to open a second office in Austin and a third in San Antonio — not to mention the work they’ve done in Houston, Chicago and Arizona.

They’re still a small, family business. But they’ve seen some of the Big Time, with their work featured on three national TV shows, including 12 kitchens for HGTV’s Property Brothers. Their work is among the top 10 on and they’ve even been featured with Bob Villa.

The Kitchen is the Heart of the Home and a Key to its Value


“What we do isn’t just aesthetics,” Adam said. “It is space planning. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and how you use the limited space really counts. And when it comes time to sell in a hot market like Allandale — or really anywhere in Austin — it gives you a real competitive edge.”

For example, Adam told me that he has worked on many of the homes near Lake Travis, which on average are about 15 years old. And buyers in that area expect updated kitchens with little tolerance for things that need to be repaired.

Right now, homeowners are following a trend toward white kitchens and minimalistic shaker cabinets. Adam said that accounts for around 40 percent of his projects. The clean look provides homeowners with options, and it’s relatively timeless. Meanwhile, he said more homeowners are returning to wood grains, such as rift cut oak, with a white or gray wash.

One of Adam’s top designers, Joe Hoffer, has worked on four of my new construction projects — and he even redid the kitchen in my home. In each case, he wowed me with sleek, modern designs.

At my own home, Joe found a beautiful kitchen island that has a contemporary look and a waterfall edge where the wood grains flow from counter top down the sides. I’m always in awe with how the designers at UB Kitchens are able to take an aging or empty space and turn it into an alluring work of design that becomes the true heart of the home.

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Maxavenue Staff