Adding Romantic Touches to Your Home

Several years ago, the hygge trend took the decorating world by storm. This concept of Scandinavian coziness is synonymous with creating a comfortable environment that sparks feelings of wellness and general contentment. No matter which decorating style you prefer, there are multiple ways to enhance your interiors by adding the right elements. Take a look at how you can warm up your home this winter without touching your thermostat.

Savor the soft touches

Luxurious fabrics engage the senses. In addition to their visual appeal, they also invite a gentle touch, beckoning you to relax. In the bedroom, tufted, upholstered headboards create an elegant focal point. Bedding and drapes made of silk and satin bring beauty and an air of romance to your room. Soft throw pillows and velvet blankets and duvets are a welcome addition during any season, but they’re particularly adored during the cold weather months. 

Adding different textures gives a space interest and depth. Wondering where to begin? Consider an area rug, which ties a room together and adds warmth underfoot. From sheepskin to woven materials and even layered complimentary carpets. you can design your own aesthetic and then sit back and enjoy. Go ahead and mix textiles. Leather and fabric furnishings can coexist as long as they’re of complementary proportions, decorators agree.

Create a mood with lighting

A room’s lighting dictates its atmosphere. If you’re hoping to cultivate a warm glow, you’ll want to carefully consider how you employ this essential element. After all, this all-important design staple elicits an emotional response. 

Keeping the lights low and eliminating harsh glares and dark shadows fosters feelings of relaxation and ease. With this in mind, you may want to install a dimmer switch, which allows you to adjust the brightness to suit the occasion. Candles are synonymous with warmth and romance, while also permeating a space with a favorite fragrance. Whether they’re used as standalone decor or tucked inside a lantern, they establish instant ambiance and decorative interest. Sparkling chandeliers or vintage candelabras also add eye-catching character while brightening your rooms or entryway.

Paint a peaceful picture

Much like lighting, paint color also impacts your mood. Soft pastels and rich hues lend a calming vibe to any space. Don’t be afraid to mix lights and darks, designers suggest. If your room lacks natural light, be sure to offset bolder blues or burgundies with warm whites and other neutrals.

Whichever you choose — jewel tones, pastels, or neutrals — select a harmonious color palette. Pairing light and dark hues of the same shade is the perfect way to use color to make a room feel clean and uncluttered, which evokes a feeling of tranquility.

Bring beauty into any space

Fragrant and stunning, bouquets of fresh flowers serve as a classic way to dress up any space. From dining room centerpieces to a basket of daisies in a kitchen or even a bathroom, floral arrangements breathe life and vitality into any area they’re placed. Whether you select something as exotic as an orchid or as simple as a gardenia, you may find that flowers provide that pop of personality your room had been lacking.

If constantly refreshing bouquets is cost prohibitive or more work than you’d like, add plants to your home and choose planters that make a statement but don’t compete with the greenery.  

Warming up your home in winter requires a bit of creativity. With the right touches, you can transform your spaces into welcoming havens where romance blossoms.