7 Tools That Take the Stress Out of Entertaining

If you’re hosting a festive gathering, you probably wish you had a team in place to assist with everything from opening your wine to carving your main dish. If you can’t bring in a catering crew, the following kitchen accessories are available to provide plenty of support. 

  1. 1. Electric corkscrew

  2. Celebrations often begin with a toast. But before you raise a glass, you’ll need to remove that cork. An automatic electric corkscrew eliminates a potential wrestling match as you simply place this device on your bottle, let it work its magic, and seamlessly enjoy your wine with less hassle.

2. Beverage chiller

If you run out of fridge space or room in that ice bucket, you still don’t want to serve drinks at room temperature. A beverage chiller has the ability to make your glass, or bottle cold six times faster than a refrigerator, sparing you from diluting your favorite drink with ice.

3. Wine chiller

Once you’ve gotten your wine to the ideal temperature, you want to keep it that way with an attractive wine cooler. You can use this amenity to hold champagne, white or rosé wine, or even ice.

4. Digital instant read thermometer

Nothing ruins a meal quite like over- or undercooking your entree. This precision thermometer ensures you achieve the desired level between rare and well-done every time. It also features a high temperature range that makes it useful when making candy or deep frying. 

5. Triple timer

When you’re preparing multiple dishes, it can be hard to keep track of timing. This triple timer allows you to monitor three separate components, with each alarm producing its own unique sound. 

  1. 6. Professional Knife Sharpener

  2. Carving your turkey or prime rib with a sharp knife makes for a perfect presentation at the same time it reduces your chances of injuring yourself with a dull blade. This professional knife sharpener features an integrated vacuum to collect steel dust or belt particles. 

7. Touch-Free Trash Can

Preparing a meal and cleaning up after it will leave you with your hands full. Fortunately, this touch-free garbage can be voice and motion activated, which makes for faster prep and easier clean-up. 

Holiday entertaining should be more fun and less fuss. Let these accessories save you time and effort so you can enjoy your guests.