October 2018

Bars, Baskets, & Beyond: Easy & Attractive Closet Storage Solutions

Whether you’re working with an expansive walk-in or a small hall closet, maximizing your square footage is always in your best interest. A well-ordered storage area saves both time and frustration, and it may just prevent you from wasting money as well. How so? By keeping your wardrobe in top form, you can reduce the costs of dry cleaning items which have acquired wrinkles or grown dusty as a result of slipping off hangars or general over-crowding. Storing items properly can also eliminate accidentally purchasing duplicates of items you already own.

To ensure you’re utilizing every inch and arranging your items as efficiently as possible, consider adding these practical tools which can streamline any closet in your home.


More than simply a storage option, baskets add visual appeal to your closet. Because they’re available in an array of shapes and sizes, you can use them to hold everything from towels to toiletries. Because they’re lightweight and versatile, you can repurpose them as needed.


Going well beyond a simple behind-the-door hook, over-the-door storage units can accommodate everything from accessories to shoes. In the pantry, use back-of-the door shelving units to organize spices and other staples that take up precious space in your cabinets.  


Would you like to fold your sweaters and store them on shelves the way your favorite boutique displays them? Could you benefit from another bar to hang pants or dress shirts? Units featuring both rods and shelves are available and can help make the most of your space while keeping your wardrobe in neatly arranged.


Finding a single shoe can be frustrating and time-consuming. Great options to keep your pairs together and dust-free are over-the-door shoe storage, stackable clear plastic shoe boxes or angled floor organizers.


Closets, by their nature, have a tendency to be dark. Unless you’re fortunate enough to have window or pre-existing lighting, you may want to illuminate your closet as this can help you find what you’re looking for more quickly. Even without electricity, you can still brighten up your space with motion sensor lights or “stick anywhere” adhesive lights that are ideal for smaller spaces.