Old West Austin: A Bright Future Blossoms from a Storied Past

A retired gentleman strolls through the park and over to his favorite bench, a living memory of where he proposed to his wife 40 years ago. Recalling a time when the huge oak tree now looming over West Austin Park was just a small sapling, he says hello to a young couple bringing their golden retriever into the park’s off-leash area.

“My neighbor was right about this park; it’s gorgeous,” says the young woman as she takes a seat under the shade while her husband tosses a Frisbee for their dog to fetch. The elderly man nods in agreement, smiling. Sitting together, they chat about the neighborhood.

Just recently relocated here from California, she explains that her husband landed a director of marketing position for a new Austin-based start-up and that they chose this neighborhood because, in addition to loving the area’s vintage look and historical feel, it’s so conveniently close to his work.

“Not having to drive to work, being central and the quality of life make this place special,” says Stacey Cline who lives in the area and works for the South by Southwest Arts Festival. “It’s just so awesome here.”

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