Bolstered by new Soccer Stadium, The Domain is Austin’s “Second Downtown”

My family and I can’t wait until the new soccer stadium near the Domain is completed and ready to host events! 

From a personal perspective, I’m excited to take my daughters to see Major League Soccer’ brand-new soccer team, Austin FC, play at the fancy new stadium. University of Texas sports, of course, are big here in Austin, but it will be wonderful to have, finally, a professional sports team in town. We don’t live too far away, so it will be an easy trip to experience a new adventure! 

And from a professional viewpoint, I’m thrilled that the Domain area is getting another major attraction. The high-density office, residential and retail area north of town is anchored by the elegant Domain shopping center, which has about 100 retail stores and restaurants. But also the many adjacent residential units and the employment opportunities around there make the area special.  

The fact that the Domain area was selected to be the home of our new soccer stadium confirms what I have known for years: The booming Domain area is truly Austin’s second downtown. And the new soccer stadium means more exciting redevelopment for that part of the city — something I am thrilled about, as I’ve watched that area develop for many years.  

With Austin’s primary downtown area bursting at the seams with business and residential growth, and little room for expansion, the development of the Domain area has filled an important need: more space for more commercial and residential growth, along with the very necessary — and affordable, even free! — parking. 

The Heart and Soul of North Austin

For many years, the area where the Domain sits was home to IBM and acres of other tech companies. While it was and remains an important employment center, the area was, honestly,  somewhat boring and industrial. However the development of the hip and modern Domain transformed the area into what I call the “second heart of the city.”

When you look at the population of the greater Austin area, The Domain is right smack dab in the center. It only makes sense that the area will continue its exponential growth, and the development of the soccer stadium near the Domain confirms the area’s prominent place in the lifeblood of Austin. The impact of the stadium on the real estate market in that part of the city can’t be overstated.

There’s plenty of land around there that’s perfect for redevelopment. On the outskirts of the Domain area, the creative classes are moving in and some of these industrial spaces are being turned into hip breweries and other cool businesses. It’s a confluence of everything going right for that part of town. This whole area is primed to be turned into something better and more exciting! It’s absolutely going to be unstoppable, once the stadium goes in.

Twenty-four acres of Fun and Community

Speaking of the stadium, it’s going to have around 20,500 seats and will include a canopy for shade, as well as natural grass turf for the players and nice club lounges for fans. The 24-acre tract will feature eight acres of open green space and about 835 parking spaces. The area is expected to also host farmer’s markets, concerts, art shows and other events — wonderful for the neighboring communities. Developers are planning to have 130 affordable housing units on the site by 2025, as well. 

The stadium is expected to open in April of 2021. As Austin’s first professional sports team, Austin FC will surely be a big draw, particularly during the summer, when there are no UT football games! The MLS regular season typically runs from early March to early October. 

And Domain area residents will be particularly pleased with their ability to walk from home to game with no driving or parking hassles, as they fully enjoy live in Austin’s “second downtown.” And be sure to look for me and my family, cheering louder than anyone! 


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Debbie Trominski
Realtor, Broker Associate