Barton Hills Real Estate: Your Slice of Heaven

It’s late spring in Austin. Although the mornings may be cool, the afternoons are hot.

No worries. Hidden below the neighborhood streets of Barton Hills lies the Barton Creek Greenbelt, a refreshing sanctuary from warm weather.

The rocky but well-worn path to the Flats (a section of the Greenbelt where massive flat limestone tables line one side of the creek) can be found just behind Barton Hills Elementary School. Freshly refilled after the spring rains, the creek is a favorite getaway for families, college students, mountain bikers and hikers looking to escape the heat and enjoy the pristine natural beauty of this secluded and dearly loved neighborhood treasure.

“We wait to go swimming down there until a few days after the rain has stopped,” says Barton Hills resident Roberta Preston, a writer and New Zealand transplant who hikes down in the mornings for a dip with her Cairn Terrier, Lulu. “You want any runoff to have cleared out. Then, the water is so absolutely delightful. Cool, clear, and you can sunbathe on the rocks to warm up.”

More than just a hot spot to cool off when temperatures rise, the 7-mile stretch of the Greenbelt, dry or wet, provides outdoor enthusiasts with endless hours of recreation and adventure regardless of the season. Truly, the folks who live in Barton Hills and are lucky enough to have the Barton Creek Greenbelt as their backyard say it’s their own little slice of heaven.


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