Meet Shane Fischer


  • Realtor

Shane Fischer became a Realtor because of his genuine love of people. As an Austinite for 12 years, his personality is like that of the city itself. He is friendly, but he is also driven. He has a strong sense of himself, but he is constantly looking for ways to grow. He has boundless energy, but he maintains a clear-headed sense of groundedness. Those who have worked with Shane point to his preparedness, discipline, and punctuality as great strengths. But he’s a family man with a passion for helping others. This is what motivates him as a Realtor. “Family is at the core of what drives me in life.”

Originally from Virginia, Shane moved to Fort Worth in his teens and later went on to graduate Cum Laude from Texas State University. He worked as a sales representative for Republic National Distributing Company, and then as an account manager at Beam Suntory. He became a Realtor in 2018, and is eager to work with Maxavenue.

Shane lives in South Austin with his wife, their two dogs and two cats, and their family continues to grow. Together, they love to travel, lift weights, and take in live music. Shane considers himself a fitness enthusiast, with a particular affinity for Jiu Jitsu. He and his wife look forward to raising a family here because, “Austin has a sense of pride in the community that is apparent to not only longtime residents, but to visitors as well. The love for our natural spaces, food and music, and one another makes our city standout.”

What sets Shane apart as an agent is his “big picture” take on real estate and home buying. He considers home buying to be not only investing in property, but investing in life. “The right home isn’t just a financial match but also a lifestyle match. I want to know how my clients envision their day to day lives, holidays with friends and family, and what they see their lives looking like next year, and a decade down the road.”

As a self proclaimed “numbers guy”, he chose to partner with Maxavenue because Maxavenue has worked to find a formula for getting maximum value for clients. He’s impressed with this measured approach used by Maxavenue, and feels it will help to take the emotion out of investing in and selling property.

“The methodical systematic way in which Maxavenue approaches the home buying process made joining the team a no-brainer for me. The Maxavenue system balances out emotion and passion with a proven system that allows us to also see things objectively.”

Having an agent who is hardworking, disciplined, and reliable is an invaluable asset in real estate transactions. Those who work with Shane will be pleased to discover that they are in the company of such an agent.