Meet Shamrah Frazier


  • Realtor

“Let me help you find your little piece of wonderful to call home.”

Shamrah Frazier is the type of person that radiates positive energy and makes others feel at ease. Conversations with her reveal her love of real estate, architecture, and people.  As a California transplant and property stylist for over 13 years, she appreciates the comfort and beauty of well designed spaces and knows what it takes to make a house feel like home. She believes the key to being a good agent is listening well and identifying each client’s desires to help them navigate the complicated world of real estate.

Born and raised in San Francisco, Shamrah has loved real estate and all things home design since she was a child. When she moved to Austin with her family in 2016, she decided the time was right to pursue her dream of becoming a Realtor. Since that time, Shamrah has been focusing on making her many passions converge, to help Austinites find ideal homes.

She prides herself on being outgoing, persistent, and a good listener. These traits make her an agent who can help find and pursue the right home for each potential buyer. Her keen eye for design is advantageous for anyone who needs help selling their home.

Shamrah chose to work with Maxavenue because they are pioneers in the field of real estate. They have single-pointed focus for providing the very best consumer experience and staying ahead of the changes in the market and the business of real estate.

“Real Estate as we know it is changing, we can already see it happening. We have to rethink the way we have been doing business and get out of our comfort zone. Maxavenue has a plan.”