Meet Robby Roberts


  • Realtor

Real estate is in Robby Roberts’ DNA. Back in his early 20s, Robby learned the real estate business from his father, a retired Navy fighter pilot who chose real estate as a second career. Now, more than three decades later, Robby combines his real estate knowledge with the wisdom and expertise honed in a career as a CPA in public accounting and commercial banking, to consistently deliver maximum value to his clients.

A family man who has enjoyed living in Steiner Ranch for close to a decade, Robby has witnessed the growth of the community. Proud parent of three adult children, he’s an enthusiast for all that Steiner Ranch has to offer and is passionate about helping his neighbors make smart choices and avoiding costly mistakes in their real estate transactions.

“It’s very exciting to provide my clients with an advantage that translates into more dollars in their pockets,” Roberts says. “Throughout my career, I’ve witnessed many ups and downs in the market, but ‘the market’ does not dictate a home’s selling price. There’s always a high and low price range for any home. The Maximum Value Home Selling System® gives me the tools to exploit that price elasticity for my sellers by proactively managing all the variables that impact the final sale price.”

“There’s a lot more than staging, curb appeal and the number of bedrooms that factors into a successful real estate transaction,” explains Roberts. “Buying and selling a home is a complex financial undertaking. More often than not, it’s the biggest financial decision of our lives.  So when selecting a real estate agent to guide you through the process, doesn’t it make sense to work with a skilled and devoted advocate – someone who can analyze, negotiate, problem solve and crunch the numbers with the best of them?”

With extensive experience including both public accounting and commercial banking, it should come as no surprise that Roberts’ choice to join forces with Maxavenue, was the result of thorough due diligence. “As a former commercial banker, I am adept at evaluating companies and business models and Maxavenue emerged as the best in Austin. Not only does Maxavenue have excellent training and the industry’s most consumer-centric value propositions, its marketing programs and business team support provide me with state-of-the-art resources so I can ensure an unsurpassed level of service to my clients.”

“I’ve been passionate about real estate throughout my entire career,” Roberts continues. “The home, of course, is not just a place of comfort, security and the gathering of family and friends. It’s a critically important investment and a vehicle for building wealth while ensuring stable communities. As a real estate agent, it’s a privilege to be in a position to help clients with the full spectrum of possibilities associated with home ownership.”

For home buyers, Robby uses the Maximum Value Home Buying System® to help his clients prioritize the four home buying fundamentals that factor into an intelligent home-purchase decision: lifestyle, financing, investment analysis, and future home ownership costs. As a result, his clients negotiate from strength and avoid costly mistakes.

“I’m happy to help my clients throughout all areas of Austin. For me, the Steiner Ranch lifestyle, amenities and superior schools have been a great fit for my family,” Roberts says. “The importance of the right home, in the right community at the right price, cannot be underestimated, and at this point in my career, nothing is more satisfying than helping families to find just that.”