Meet Lee Abraham


  • Realtor

Lee’s extensive experience in negotiation, marketing and appraisal gives home buyers and sellers a unique advantage in getting the most for their investment.

Meet Lee Abraham: Lee is a former Senior Residential Appraiser who served as president of the Las Vegas chapter of the Appraisal Institute, and he has been called as a real estate expert witness in state and federal court. Lee has owned a home inspection service, and he has traveled the globe as a professional speaker, business coach and referral network trainer.

As Maxavenue’s Senior Vice President of Training, Lee understands the details of even the most complex transactions. His 30-plus years as an appraiser and decades of professional marketing and networking help him create detailed property marketing plans that maximize the value of clients’ property and target the unique buyer personas who are most likely to pay top dollar.

Throughout his career and personal life, Lee says he has seen too many Realtors miss opportunities to get more for their clients’ investments, and it often stems from the agent overlooking key details.

“There are a lot of variables in a real estate transaction, and there’s too wide of a variation in the level of service consumers get,” he says. “It’s critical that consumers work with agents who are qualified to best represent their interests.”

In addition to his real estate expertise, Lee co-authored Money on the Table, Referrals in the Bank with New York Times bestselling author Dr. Ivan Misner. The book is a ground breaking work which explains how to build a powerful network of referral partners from a wide variety of industry groups.

“Everything I’ve done in my career, even things that may seem to have nothing to do with real estate, all fit into Maxavenue’s mission as the real estate consumer champion.”