Meet Lauren Rush


  • Realtor

Watching her parents and grandparents achieve their financial goals through real estate investment inspired Lauren Rush to devote her career to helping others buy and sell homes.

“My mother served as a property manager,” says Lauren. “My father owned his own business and I admired how they both worked independently. They embodied that spirit of entrepreneurship that I find so admirable. It led me to want to run my own business. Working in real estate allows me to enjoy the best of all worlds.”

Meet Lauren Rush: A former paralegal and classical musician, Lauren prides herself on always delivering the highest level of customer service.

“While working for attorneys, I was involved in a variety of complicated transactions from start to finish,” says Lauren. “In working with their clients, I developed the ability to take even the most technical language and present it in a way anyone could understand. Whether someone is a doctor or is new to this country and speaks very little English, I can relate to them. I’m able to communicate with everyone in a manner that’s professional and helpful.”

That skill translates well when it comes to assisting home buyers and sellers navigate the often daunting process of bringing a property to market or finding the perfect place to put down roots. Lauren says her knack for placing clients in homes that are an ideal fit for their lifestyle is a credit to her active listening and keen observation skills.

“I had a client who told me he wanted to sell his condo, buy a home, and remodel it,” says Lauren. “But in showing him houses that met that description, I quickly realized he didn’t really want to put in a lot of effort. Because my background is in new construction, I took him to meet a builder and he decided that a home in the making was much more what he had in mind. He picked out color schemes and carpeting, but he needed a little help making the big decisions and I was there to assist whenever he looked a little lost. It turned out so well, I suggested he host a housewarming party to celebrate.”

With new construction as her niche, Lauren says she’s there every step of the way to help her clients make those challenging decisions.

“I’ve sold millions of dollars in new construction so I’m very well-versed in the difference between existing homes and those being built,” she says. “I can assist a buyer with any concerns or questions that arise. I can often spot potential problems and see that they’re fixed before construction continues.”

That desire to go above and beyond for her clients is what led Lauren to Maxavenue.

“Maxavenue’s philosophy of always putting the customer first has been a long time coming; we’re visionaries in that way,” says Lauren. “We believe ‘We’re here because of the client.’ Even after a transaction is finished and my clients are settled in their new home, we still keep in touch. They feel the difference.”

A lifetime learner, Lauren values all the tools and continuing education at her disposal through Maxavenue, which raises the bar of professional competency standards with MBA level real estate training for agents as well as business and marketing support teams.

When she isn’t helping clients, Lauren enjoys taking advantage of all Austin has to offer. The neighborhoods of scenic West Austin hold a special allure for the agent who’s called the city home for two decades.

“West Austin is such a beautiful area with beautiful lake views and hills,” says Lauren. “I love introducing clients to these gorgeous surroundings.”