Meet Kim Mitchell


  • Realtor
  • Graduate REALTOR, Institute (GRI)
  • Green Real Estate Marketing Specialist (NAR Green)

Born and raised in Austin, Kim Mitchell believes her passion for helping clients find the perfect home is hereditary. Kim’s dad, who has been a real estate broker for five years and an agent for a quarter of a century, sparked her interest in home buying and selling when the two would visit open houses together throughout her childhood.

Meet Kim Mitchell: mom of two, volunteer and real estate expert. A former business owner with an eye for detail, Kim says she prides herself on “going above and beyond” for her clients, just the way her father taught her.

“My dad is such an inspiration to me,” says Kim. “We joke that real estate is in our blood. He’s been through every market change and he’s very realistic about what it means to be a Realtor and what it means to do the right thing for clients. He’s incredibly hard-working but he’s also fun and easy-going, and I really try to take that to heart and be like him.”

Pairing dedication with proven systems

Kim’s commitment to helping clients begins at their initial meeting. Using her marketing degree and her former experience as a boutique owner, Kim assists homeowners in preparing properties for a swift and profitable sale.

“At the first listing appointment, I give suggestions and let them know what I’m seeing elsewhere in the market,” Kim says. “I pay for two hours of consultation time with a stager if necessary to ensure that the home will appeal to our target buyer.”

That level of dedication to serving clients is what lead Kim to work with Maxavenue.

“I was blown away by the systems that Maxavenue has in place,” says Kim. “I’m so thrilled with the services I’m able to provide to my clients and the services that are available to me so I’m able to focus on my clients.”

Maxavenue’s Maximum Value Home Selling System (MVHSS), which has helped thousands of homeowners throughout North America sell their properties for maximum value in the shortest amount of time, is just one of the patented plans that Kim relies on to garner the highest offers for her clients. With its track record of success, Kim uses the MVHSS to obtain 5% to 15% more money for a home than traditional real estate marketing methods.

“With the Home Evaluation team, I’m able to give clients options,” she says. “They know how much more their home might sell for if they paint the walls or consider other upgrades. I also have access to an expert appraiser who will come out to the property so my clients know they’re getting correct information, which leads to the most accurate listing price.”

Going the extra mile for clients

Kim’s interest in the real estate industry extends into her personal life as well. While she loves exploring luxury homes, Kim also thrills at the opportunity to restore an older property to its original grandeur. In fact, she and her husband, who owns and runs an Internet marketing company, purchase homes in need of renovation, then rehabilitate or remodel, and sell them.

Naturally, Kim puts this expertise to work for her clients. To illustrate how she blends her personal and professional talents and the lengths she’ll go to for her clients, Kim shared how she once stepped in and took over as the general contractor for a couple who needed to move abruptly.

“My client decided to go to medical school and they were leaving Austin in the middle of a renovation,” recalls Kim. “I stepped in as general contractor and saw the work to completion. But rather than listing it, they were so pleased with the way the home turned out, they decided to keep it as a rental property. While I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to list it, I’m thrilled that I can visit them when they come back to town and they’re delighted to have a big beautiful home to return to.”

Creating a positive experience

When talking with past clients, Kim says they often express their gratitude for “going to bat” for them from start to finish.

“I’m always working to solve any problems behind the scenes to take the stress out of the situation for them,” Kim says. “Many clients think of buying a home as something fun but there’s so much more to it. From appeasing lenders to working with title companies, I still try to make it an enjoyable process for them because I want to help them with one of the biggest investments they’ll ever make, and, ultimately, I want their dreams to come true. I need to know that they have a good feeling when they walk away from the transaction.”

Sharing her hometown knowledge

As a lifelong Austin resident, Kim loves showing off her hometown to clients.

“I know the whole area like the back of my hand,” says Kim. “I’ve grown up with friends in all different areas of town and I’ve lived in several different neighborhoods. I grew up in hill country outside of Austin, some I’m comfortable working in those communities as well. But my strengths are East and Central Austin; I know those best.”

As a parent, Kim is not only well-versed in the differences among the school districts, but she also volunteers in her children’s schools, supporting teachers, promoting recycling, and ensuring all students continue to flourish.

Additionally, Kim and her husband devote their time to volunteering with both Boy and Girl Scout troops.

“I love spending time outdoors with friends and family and taking advantage of all Austin has to offer,” she says.

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